Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Complete The Madalina Doll Treasure

It’s true that you’ll need a lot – and I mean a lot – of Lei in order to get all of the items and upgrades in Resident Evil 8 Village. If you’re a New Game+ player, you’ll especially need the extra cash for those bonus weapon upgrades that only unlock after you’ve played through the game once. Hey, they’ll make it way easier to get through Village of Shadows mode, though.

In this guide we’re breaking down how you can find and assemble the Madalina Doll. This doll’s head and body can be found in different places within the Village, but if you manage to bring them together they’re worth much more to the Duke, and will give your wallet a nice boost so you can afford those expensive weapon upgrades and attachments.

How To Find The Madalina Doll Head In RE8 Village

The Madalina Doll Head, in isolation, is terrifying. I mean, in general dolls tend to be a little creepy, but just a lone doll head? I won’t lie, I definitely would not put this in my pocket. But Ethan Winters is built different, and he’ll happily scoop up a doll’s head to pawn it off at his earliest convenience.

To find the Madalina Doll Head, you need to find the well near the shack on the way to Beneviento’s Grave. This is the same shack that houses the Luthier’s Key, and you should grab that and read out guide here, because you’ll be heading near to the Luthier’s House while recovering the Madalina Doll Body.

The Madalina Doll Head is within the well. If it wasn’t already creepy enough, now it’s making me think about The Ring, so that’s just great. You can grab the doll and then throw it into your inventory. Now it’s time to get the Madalina Doll Body, so make sure to grab the Luthier’s Key while you’re here.

How To Find The Madaline Doll Body In RE8 Village

The headless Madalina Doll Body is somehow less creepy to me, so there you go. In order to find this doll you’ll first want to head to the small compound that contains the Luthier’s House, which you can find out more about in our guide here. There’s some excellent loot inside the Luthier’s House, so make sure not to skip it.

Behind the Luthier’s House, however, is another small outbuilding, and inside here you can find a few items, including some gunpowder, and on a shelf you’ll find the Madalina Doll Body.

Now that you have both parts you can combine this item, and the Duke will pay a much higher price for the two treasures combined than he ever would separately. This treasure isn’t too difficult to assemble, assuming you’re checking all of your corners for treasures in Resident Evil 8 Village.

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