Resident Evil 8 Village Entrapment Challenge: How To Clear Entrapment Easily

Resident Evil 8 Village includes dozens of challenges for you to complete away from the main story, and outside of the achievements you can earn. These challenges all give you CP, which you can spend in the Bonus Shop for extras, such as Infinite Ammo and powerful new weapons. These bonuses give life to replays of RE8 Village, and in this guide we’re going to breakdown how to clear the Entrapment challenge, which will reward you with a lot of CP to spend.

This challenge requires you to slay creatures, using other creatures. You need 20 monsters to be slain by the attacks of other monsters, and this is easier said than done. But in this guide we’re going to make it as easy as possible, and with a little perseverance, you’ll be able to clear this challenge with relative ease.

Best Strategies To Clear The Entrapment Challenge In RE8 Village

The Entrapment challenge is, well, challenging, but mostly because you are rarely in a situation where enemies can attack one another effectively. But there are a few sections of the game that is perfect for this. The first lycan encounter is perfect, because there are enemies everywhere, and one particular enemy makes mince meat of the others.

Entrapment Strategy 1 – Lycan Encounter And Urias

Yes, it’s Urias, the giant lycan wielding a hammer. You will gun him down later in the game, but in this early section you’re just supposed to survive until a timer elapses. You can use this to your advantage, and abuse this encounter to get this challenge done quickly.

Here’s a fun fact: if you quit or restart an area, your challenges are still accounted for. So it’s your aiming to kill a lot of lycans for a separate challenge, you can mow down a lot of them here, and restart before the timer elapses, repeating this to rack up your kills in the background and complete challenges.

And of course, this also works with Urias. You can wait around until he summons, and then restart before the timer elapses. The only problem is that this timer is invisible, and you need to keep your own in real-life timer in order to restart at the right moment. Urias will appear around two minutes into the encounter, and then the encounter will end abruptly after around four minutes. If you recently finished the game and want to go back to quickly complete this challenge, this is a decent way to do so.

You might want to take on this challenge on Casual mode, as you can leave more enemies alive while waiting, giving Urias much more room to flex and take down the horde.

Entrapment Strategy 2 – Lady Dimitrescu In The Castle Courtyard

Another method you can use involves Lady Dimitrescu, and depending on where you are in the game, this one may be a bit easier to achieve.

Lady D follows Ethan Winters throughout the castle, and you may not have noticed this, but if she comes across an enemy on the way, she’ll kill them to remove them from her path. Brutal, and also very useful.

This is great because the Courtyard area is close to the Main Hall, and also has enemies that spawn near infinitely. If you can catch Lady D in the Main Hall, you can lead her to the Courtyard, and then kite her around the area as she wipes out the nearby enemies. You can easily take down several enemies at a time here, and then either run back to the Merchant to wait for respawns, or restart the area to keep it going.

These two strategies are basically guaranteed to work, depending on where you are in the game, and can be completed on any difficulty.

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