Resident Evil 8 Village Complete Guide And Walkthrough

Resident Evil 8: Village is finally upon us, and we’re guiding Ethan Winters through a mysterious village filled with beasts bearing far too many similarities to werewolves, vampires, and even more in order to find our lost child.

RE8 is a dark and atmospheric adventure that’ll see you juggling items, scrounging for ammo, and fighting against all manner of otherworldly beasties. As a result, it’ll be a much easier journey if you know what’s coming, and that’s exactly what our complete guide and walkthrough to RE Village is here for.

In this guide hub we’re going to breaking down everything you need to know about Resident Evil Village. We’ve got a complete walkthrough for you which takes you through every step of the way, in addition to boss guides, item guides, collectibles, and more.

We’ve already reviewed Resident Evil Village, with our own Jade King saying: “Village is drenched in excellence throughout, but the occasional fumble stops it from reaching the heights of both its predecessor and the seminal masterpiece it is so desperate to imitate. There’s also not nearly enough big lady – she needs her own game.”

For everything you need to know to complete Resident Evil 8: Village and get all of the precious items you need, just read through our detailed guides below.

FAQ And What You Need To Know Before You Play Resident Evil Village

There are a lot of things to understand before playing RE8, including getting the unlockable game modes, and whether or not you need to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard before this new game. The answers to those questions are complicated than you might expect, but we’ve got all of the information you need right here.

  • Do You Need To Play 7 First?
  • How To Unlock Mercenaries Mode

Resident Evil Village Story Campaign Walkthrough

We’ve gone through the entire game so you don’t have to. Below you’ll find a complete walkthrough to every section in Resident Evil Village, in order, so you never have to get stuck for too long. Just read through our guides below for everything you need to know.

Village Area Walkthrough

  • Part 1 – The First Fight And Getting The Bolt Cutters
  • Part 2 – Maiden of War, Graveyard, The Field, And The M1897 Shotgun
  • Part 3 – Heisenberg’s Trap And Meeting The Duke

Castle Area Walkthrough

  • Part 4 – Castle Dimitrescu, Maroon Eye Ring, And Sanguis Virginis
  • Part 5 – Castle Dimitrescu Mask Locations And Hall Of Ablution Statue Puzzle
  • Part 6 – Castle Dimitrescu Treasure Map And The Five Bells
  • Part 7 – Find The House With The Red Chimney
  • Part 8 – House Beneviento, Music Box, And Wooden Mannequin

Factory Area Walkthrough

  • Coming soon!

Swamp Area Walkthrough

  • Coming soon!

Resident Evil Village Boss Guides

RE Village is filled with a variety of terrifying bosses, including some of the characters you will have already seen in the variety of trailers that Capcom has released for the game. Some of them are very tricky, while others are incredibly challenging. For everything you need to know about each of them, read through our guides below.

  • Lady Dimitrescu Boss Guide
  • Donna Beneviento Boss Guide
  • Salvatore Moreau Boss Guide
  • Heisenberg Boss Guide
  • Mother Miranda Boss Guide

Resident Evil Village Weapon And Item Guides

If you want to survive the harsh world of Resident Evil Village, then you need to come equipped with all of the weapons, gear, and collectible items you need. Luckily there is a merchant in this game that will help you gear up for the challenges ahead, but you’ll still need precious gems and items to sell first. Here’s the important information you need.

  • More coming soon!

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