Resident Evil 7: How To Find Every Dog Head & Defeat Jack

While later games in the franchise skew towards action, Resident Evil’s foundation is rooted in exploration and puzzle solving. The original Resident Evil was a success not because of its gunplay, but how it incentivized players to engage with the Mansion around them – charting out routes, planning which enemies to kill or spare, and making hard choices through inventory management. Resident Evil is at its best when it slows down to let the audience survive a horror house through their own wits.

In this respect, Resident Evil 7 is very much a return to form. The Baker House shares many similarities with the original Resident Evil’s Mansion, serving as a sprawling labyrinth that tests players’ reflexes and mental fortitude. One of the first puzzles RE7 throws at the player involves putting together a statuette of Cerberus – the three headed guard dog of Hades in Greek mythology – in order to escape the main house. It’s a premise franchise fans will be familiar with, but one made wholly unique by Resident Evil 7.

While hunting down the three Dog Heads, players will need to avoid Jack while taking on their first set of Molded – culminating in one of RE7’s best boss fights. Resident Evil 7 is harder than most in the series, and tracking down the three Dog Heads just to fight Jack is a roadblock for many players.

White Dog’s Head

The first two Dog Heads can be found without much incident, but they do require observational skills typical for Resident Evil. Finding the White Dog’s Head requires paying close attention to the familiar set pieces in the Baker House. First head to the Main Hall on the first floor and examine the grandfather clock inside the room. Ethan will take the pendulum out of the clock and place it in his inventory.

From here, head into the Living Room by cutting through either the Kitchen or Dining Area. Once inside the Living Room, examine the grandfather clock identical to the one in the Main Hall and place the pendulum within. The Living Room’s grandfather clock will dispense the White Dog’s Head.

Blue Dog’s Head

Inventory management plays a key role in Resident Evil, but the mechanic goes beyond just picking which items to carry at any given time. Every single item in Resident Evil 7 can be examined and rotated, often revealing new details players wouldn’t be privy to otherwise. Ethan can even do this to unlock certain items, like tool boxes or boxes.

To get the Blue Dog’s Head, head up to the Recreation Room on the second floor of the Main House. Examine the orange book on the shelf and start rotating it. On the side of the book is a lock Ethan can toggle which opens the book and reveals the Blue Dog’s Head within.

Dissection Room Key

The White and Blue Dog’s Heads are fairly easy to find in the grand scheme of things, but the same can’t be said for the Red Dog’s Head. Actually finding Cerberus’ final head is a lengthy ordeal that takes players deep within the Baker House. First thing’s first, grab the Dissection Room Key.

The Key can be found in the Incinerator Room down in the Processing Area. Be warned, however, that this is the first time Resident Evil 7 introduces audiences to Molded – the game’s version of zombies. Their incredibly erratic attack patterns make them difficult to fight, but most can be dropped with a single shotgun shell to the face point blank.

In the Incinerator Room, open the unmarked cold locker and the one with the bloody handprint on it. This will unlock the very first cold locker. Before opening it, be warned that there is a Molded inside. Either be prepared to fight or lure it back to the Safe Room where it’ll evaporate without conflict. Once the Molded has been dealt with, pick up the Dissection Room Key from its cold locker.

Red Dog’s Head

There are several Molded between the Incinerator Room and the Dissection Room, so be careful while walking through the Processing Area (especially inside the Boiler Room, where the Molded are hiding behind corners). Once all the Molded have been either killed or evaporated, Ethan will find the Red Dog’s Head in the Dissection Room… where Jack will immediately grab it.

From the Dissection Room, make your way to the Morgue while collecting any items in sight. There are no enemies in the Morgue so feel free to relax, but make sure to run back to the Item Box if you don’t have at least two empty slots. Once ready, grab the Red Dog’s Head on the second floor of the Morgue and head back on down – courtesy of Jack Baker.

Fighting Jack

As soon as Ethan grabs the Red Dog’s Head, Jack grabs him and throws him down into the arena down below. Unlike the car battle against Jack which was mostly scripted, this is a proper boss fight in every sense. Jack will start the battle by stalking Ethan around the arena and swinging with his hatchet. To briefly stun Jack, kick the body bags hanging in the room into him.

This will give Ethan an opportunity to deal damage. Stick with the Handgun for this first phase and aim for Jack’s head. Once he’s taken roughly 10 blows to the cranium, Jack will kneel down and his flesh will mutate. Quickly shoot him with the Shotgun and Jack will rush over to the back of the arena where he’ll peel back a fence and grab a giant pair of shears.

Quickly grab the Chainsaw next to Jack as he grabs the shears and prepare to fight back. The fastest way to kill Jack is to duck his first attack, stagger him with three basic chainsaw strikes, and then duck back down to impale the chainsaw directly into his head (ideally at an angle looking up).

For those struggling with the battle, don’t forget to block. The Chainsaw actually deflects a massive amount of damage and even staggers Jack if your timing is right. Make sure not to rev the Chainsaw constantly, however, as it does lock. The key to this fight isn’t dealing a lot of damage, but dealing it strategically.

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