Resident Evil 7: Every Boss Ranked (& How To Beat Them)

Although the franchise has always prided itself on its survival horror and penchant for nuanced puzzles seamlessly integrated into the level design (albeit rarely narratively), Resident Evil has never shied away from combat. In fact, Resident Evil 2 immediately increased the amount of action the series became known for, something each game since has only expanded upon.

Until Resident Evil 7 that is. A soft reboot of the series’ tone and themes, Resident Evil 7 goes back to the slow paced tension that defined the original Resident Evil – opting for more atmospheric gameplay less enemies to fight than usual. This doesn’t mean RE7 is lacking in action, however. Even though Resident Evil 7 is a return to form, it has more than enough bosses to satiate survival horror fans who also want some action with their gameplay.


Considering how scripted the early portion of Resident Evil 7 is, it’s easy for players to not even realize that the encounter with Mia is an actual boss fight that they need to win. Once Infected Mia starts threatening Ethan to leave, it’s time to fight back. The purpose of the fight not only teaches players the importance of guarding (she’ll likely kill Ethan otherwise), but is a trial by fire for RE7’s gunplay.

Don’t worry about too much wasting ammo since Ethan should only have regular Handgun ammo at this point. Try to aim for Headshots in order to take Mia down as quickly as possible. She’ll cut through any doors you close with her chainsaw, so never stop for too long. Once Mia goes down, Jack will ambush Ethan and Resident Evil 7 will begin in earnest.


After a relatively challenging main story, Resident Evil 7 closes out with one of the easiest final bosses in the series. Eveline’s first phase is incredibly easy: guard whenever she attacks and walk up to her whenever she’s not. She only has one attack that she loudly telegraphs, making it easy to block everything she throws at Ethan. After being injected by Ethan, Eveline will mutate into her Molded form.


The first boss battle against Marguerite is actually fairly simple. She’ll ambush Ethan on the way to the Crow Door inside of the Old House, sending him tumbling through the flooring. Marguerite will attack from up above while players are forced to defend themselves from down below. Fortunately, Marguerite is one of the easiest bosses in the game.

Use the Burner to kill any flying bugs she throws at Ethan and make sure to shoot her in the face with the Handgun whenever possible. After enough shots, Marguerite will drop down into the pit and start to melt. Quickly climb up the ladder to avoid damage and the fight will be over.

Jack In The Garage

Ethan fights Jack Baker a total of three times over the course of Resident Evil 7, each encounter harder than the last. The first boss fight with Jack is particularly tense due to its tight arena and the fact Ethan is still relatively helpless, but it’s actually a fairly simple encounter. To take out Jack with as little damage as possible, immediately run over to his workbench on the right and grab the Car Keys.

Jack will start walking towards Ethan, but immediately rush into the car and start it. Using R2, drive straight into Jack, reverse with L2, and keep repeating the process until he finally gets mad enough to rip off the hood of the car and take control. Ethan will eventually be thrown out of the car as Jack catches on fire. Shoot Jack in the head a few times with the Handgun and create some distance to avoid his exploding body.

Jack In The Morgue

The second fight with Jack is one of Resident Evil 7’s earliest chokepoints. Savvy players can get through the fight by using as little ammo as possible, but most will likely find themselves going through their weapons just to keep Jack at bay. The Morgue battle takes place in a small arena with three body bags in the room. Jack will slowly walk around with a hatchet at turn, but you can stun him by kicking body bags into him.

Once stunned, Jack should be shot in the head with the Handgun. After dealing enough damage, he’ll pry open the back fence and take out a massive pair of shears. Quickly grab the Chainsaw behind where the fence was and prepare to duke it out one on one. The key here is to slash Jack with the Chainsaw three times in order to drop him, giving Ethan an opportunity to crouch down and stab the Chainsaw right into his mutilated flesh. If done correctly, Jack should die in one single. Otherwise, stick to the body bag strategy to stun and slash him.

Mutated Marguerite

The second fight with Marguerite is considerably harder. The entire boss arena is the Greenhouse so make sure to familiarize yourself with the setting. Mutated Marguerite will run around the entire Greenhouse, hatching nests full of bugs that’ll attack Ethan on sight if left unattended. The goal here is to be aggressive and keep Mutated Marguerite in your sight.

She’s especially weak to the Burner, so it helps to go all out with the flamethrower here. Be sure to save some Burner Fuel for any bugs she summons, though. Mutated Marguerite’s weak point is her crotch, designated by a grotesque hive oozing out. Shoot her in the head with the Handgun to stun her, the groin with the Shotgun, and use the Burner for some extra punishment. Mutated Marguerite is dangerous, but stay on the offensive and she goes down surprisingly fast.

Mutated Jack

Mutated Jack is arguably the hardest boss fight in Resident Evil 7. A gigantic monster covered in eyeballs, Jack has lost all semblance of humanity. The boss is fought in a two floor Boathouse that progressively gets more destroyed over the course of the fight. Make sure to grab all the items in the arena before fighting Jack, as a result. While difficult, Mutated Jack does have a clear and simple strategy to follow: shoot his eyes.

Jack has eight eyeballs coming out of his body that – when destroyed – give Ethan an opportunity to inject him with serum. Jack’s eyes are all over his body, requiring players to make the most out of their toolkit. The Shotgun is perfect for taking out eyes at close range, the Burner is surprisingly useful when Jack submerges himself in water, and the Handgun is the ideal weapon for picking off eyes from afar. Be patient, learn where the eyes are, and finish off Jack.

Unload all your Grenade Launcher and Magnum ammo into her face. If you have neither, alternate between Handgun and Shotgun blasts. Don’t bother reloading unless you absolutely have to. Once enough damage has been done, Eveline will take the battle outside and players will need to carefully keep aiming at her face. Eventually Chris Redfield will tell Ethan to pick up the Albert-01 to finish Evie off. Wait for an opening and pepper her with headshots to beat the game.

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