Resident Evil 6 Gets A Spooky PS1 Demake

Resident Evil 6 was a departure from the series in many ways, but largely because it focused on action rather than creepy horror. Fans of the series often criticize RE6 for leaning too heavily into the gameplay of Resident Evil 4, which is why Resident Evil 7 swung heavily back in the other direction, returning to the franchise’s more psychological horror roots.

But what if Resident Evil 6 didn’t come out in 2012 for the PS3 and instead was made soon after the original Resident Evil for the PlayStation 1? That’s the question answered by Rustic Games BR, a YouTube account that specializes in making games cross genres and generations. In this case, the action shooter Resident Evil 6 becomes the survival horror game that launched the franchise to stardom.

Sadly, it's not an actual mod or fan-made game, so there's no way for us to actually play it, but it is an extremely well-made and detailed video that looks about as close to actual gameplay as you can get without having an actual game. The four-minute video condenses the first 30 minutes of Resident Evil 6 down to a few creepy encounters with infected Town Oaks residents, who were sadly turned into zombies following a terrorist attack. Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper make their way across campus as the sole survivors of the attack that also happened to claim the US President.

We don't actually get to see Leon waste the president, but we do get to see him blow away a few zombies with the help of Helena. We also get to see him pick up a few classic Resident Evil items in an inventory management system from the original titles.

One of those items happens to be a bizarre photo of a woman on a giraffe. This is actually a reference to the Resident Evil 6 logo, which fans amusingly likened to a giraffe receiving fellatio.

If anyone wants to get on this project the same way someone demade Bloodborne for PC, I'm sure there's a bunch of Resident Evil fans that would definitely be interested in a Resident Evil 6 demake.

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