Resale Site Has Sold 130,000 PS5s For Inflated Prices Since Launch

Leading resale site StockX has sold 130,000 PS5s since the console launched which accounts for almost 2% of the total sold so far.

PS5s are notoriously hard to come by. Even now six months after the console first launched. There are a number of reasons for that, and one of the main ones continues to be the persistence of scalpers. People and companies buying up stock and selling it to those who missed out for a marked-up price.

StockX is one of the biggest resale sites in the world and has been doing big business since the next generation started last November. The site was created with sneakers in mind but was tempted into the world of electronics when the new consoles were released. A decision its heads will be happy they made right about now. Its latest internal data boasts 130,000 PS5s sold and counting.

The company claims to have sold 83,000 disc drive consoles and an additional 55,000 digital editions of the PS5. The average sale price for the disc drive PS5 on the site has been $573, while the digital editions have been selling for an average of $531 each. That’s almost 33% more expensive than the retail price of the digital edition of the console. The 130,000 consoles sold also accounts for a little less than 2% of the 7.8 million consoles sold worldwide.

That might not sound like much, but bear in mind this is just one resale site in one country. Even if it was the only one, that’s still 130,000 PS5s that should have gone to people who want them for the intended price. The console is expected to be hard to find until at least the latter half of this year, and perhaps even into 2022.

Sony is doing all that it can to counteract the variety of challenges it faces. A new report claims a redesigned console will go into production next year that will allow the company to better handle the global shortage of components needed to create the consoles. In the meantime, retailers continue to try and thwart scalpers. Currys in the UK now uses a lottery system, selecting customers who have signed up at random.

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