Radahn’s Horse Is Why No Elden Ring Player Can Hide From His Meteor Attack

We've all been there, desperately scrambling to summon fallen comrades to chip away at Starscourge Radahn, one of Elden Ring's most fearsome foes, when suddenly, he leaps into the air and disappears. The music quietens and the red sky clears to reveal a staggering number of stars held in place by his sheer will. Then, the screen shakes a spot in the night grows bright as Radahn plummets towards you in the form of a devastating meteor. But how does he always know where you are?

Well, thanks to Zullie the Witch (via VG247), we now know the answer to that question. It turns out, Radahn pushes his horse Leonard underground as he leaps into the cosmos above. What a sweet guy, I bet he just wants to make sure the little thing doesn't get hurt while he's gone.

Now, here's where the gaming wizardry comes into effect. Radahn and his horse are considered one NPC by the game, but the model can be split into two. Once Radahn reappears, Leonard teleports underneath you so the two models can be reunited – how sweet. This means Leonard effectively acts as a homing beacon signaling where Radahn should drop it like it's hot.

Zullie also notes that Radahn will always appear in the direction you're facing, that way you don't miss out on one of the most tremendous spectacles in Elden Ring. However, you crafty bunch have found a way to turn Miyazaki's favourite boss into a bit of a laughing stock.

If you stand on the edge of the water and face the Caelid cliffside, Radahn will scream down from the sky and plunge into the drink, killing him instantly and winning you the fight even though you've only taken him down to half health.

It's a cruel fate for the once great general who fought Malenia and her Scarlet Rot to a standstill, so if you want to defeat him more honourably, we have a guide for that.

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