PSA – Don’t Buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade Pre-Owned If You Want The Yuffie DLC

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade’s Yuffie DLC will be a code inside the box, meaning you aren’t going to want to buy the game pre-owned.

The release date for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is now just one month away. More and more details are being revealed about the next chapter of FF7 Remake all the time, including how those buying Intergrade will gain access to the game’s new Yuffie DLC. According to a listing on EB Games, the INTERmission DLC will be accessible via a code that comes with the game rather than on the disc itself.

That has angered some who planned on buying the game for a couple of reasons. The use of a code means your PS5 needs to be online to download the DLC. Granted, not an issue for the vast majority of PS5 owners, but it will leave some a little annoyed. The biggest issue of all comes when someone picks up a pre-owned copy of Intergrade in the future.

Since each copy comes with a unique code, that code will have presumably been used by the game’s first owner. That then means the owner of the pre-owned copy will have to buy the INTERmission DLC separately. It’s at this point Square Enix’s thought process starts to manifest itself.

If the INTERmission DLC were on the disc as standard, people who pick up pre-owned copies down the line would not need to spend extra for the additional content. Also, as highlighted by Does It Play in the tweet above, using a code also prevents players from getting the PS5 upgrade for free from also getting the Yuffie DLC. The extra episode will cost $19.99 when it hits the PS5 store next month.

It’s not all bad news when it comes to Intergrade. The final trailer for the upgraded and added-to game dropped last week as part of a presentation for BR game The First Soldier. More details about the plot were revealed, and the game’s creators even spoke about Part 2, albeit very briefly. It was also revealed that Intergrade will be a PS5 exclusive for at least six months.

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