PSA: Capcom Extends Resident Evil Village Demo, Now Playable For 8 Days

The first Resident Evil Village was a PlayStation 5 exclusive. The following demo revealed during latest Capcom showcase was for PS5 and PS4 players, but was only available for a very limited time for a 30-minute play session. Following massive amounts of fan feedback begging for more hands-on time, Capcom has decided to extend the upcoming demo that will be available for all platforms. 

The upcoming Resident Evil Village demo was originally slated to be available for only a short period, beginning on May 1 at 5 p.m. PT and ending on May 2 at the same time. Given that this is the largest demo to date, lasting an hour to encompass both the village and Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, the extension is a smart move for the studio. Ready to jump in and scream your head off, or are you a normal and functioning person? Regardless, here are the revised Resident Evil Village demo times that you should be aware of: 

In case the above image is difficult to read, or for those that may be using text-to-speech programs for visual purposes, the extended demo times are as follows: