PS5 UK restock times this week for Amazon, Very, John Lewis, and Smyths

Amazon is still due to get its biggest restock of the PS5 console ever this week, potentially starting from Tuesday.

If you’ve not got hold of a PlayStation 5 yet then you might want to get ready for a few early mornings, as multiple UK retailers are expected to get stock in this week.

Last week, various Twitter stock checkers predicted the consoles would arrive and they’ve now started narrowing the dates and times down to just the next few days.

As usual, the shops themselves won’t officially be saying if or when they’ll be getting stock but Twitter channels such as PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates and PS5 Stock UK have proven accurate in the past.

John Lewis is expected between Tuesday and Friday, May 21. That will likely require you to get up (or stay up) early though, as they usually drop stock between 4 and 8am in the morning.

Smyths is also expected this week but not until sometime between Thursday and Saturday. Plus, its times are impossible to predict at the moment.

Very may also be getting stock between Tuesday and Friday, but that’s not confirmed. They usually drop stock between 9am and 12pm, if it does happen.

As previously reported, Amazon is expected to get in around 10,000 consoles this week, the most it’s ever had in one go this year. Which is hopefully a sign of more to come.

Other smaller stores may also be getting stock this week, including, eBuyer, Hughes, Maplin, Scan, and SimplyGames.

Tesco and BT/EE might also be getting stock, but if they are there’s no inside scoop yet on exactly when or how much. BT and EE has been a reliable source in the past, but you do have to be an existing customer to buy a console through them.

Upcoming #PS5 Restock Dates

– Amazon UK (10K consoles) 18th-19th May
– Very (unconfirmed) 18th-20th May
– John Lewis (expected) 18th-20th May
– Smyths Toys (expected) 20th-22nd May

Other unconfirmed possibilities: Box, BT/EE, eBuyer, Hughes, Maplin, Scan, SimplyGames & Tesco

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