PS5 System Update v20.02-2.26 Improves Stability

The second PS5 firmware update in as many weeks arrived today, and the description of what exactly it does is as predictably vague as ever.

This month is an exciting one for everyone and anyone who loves video games as it marks the arrival of the next generation of the industry. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the last few weeks have been chaotic ones for everyone responsible for distributing and selling the new consoles, but also for those of us trying to buy them. Demand for them appears to be higher than any other launch in history.

For the most part, the PS5 and Series X have been celebrated. That’s despite some simulating that their Xbox consoles had burst into flames on launch day by blowing vape smoke into them. The next-gen consoles do have some real wrinkles to iron out, though. PS5 owners have been reporting a number of problems with the console during its first two weeks on the market.

Sony appeared to be trying to fix those problems last week by rolling out the PS5’s very first firmware update. In typical Sony style, the patch notes revealed nothing more than an improvement to system performance. Today, the second update (version 20.02-02.26.00) has gone live. Once again, its description cites nothing more than an improvement to system performance.

As frustrating as that is one the one hand, many PS5 owners will be welcoming an improvement to stability right about now. Some of the problems PS5 consoles have been running into include games being queued for download for no reason, and an array of issues when the console is put in rest mode. There have also been reports of inserted discs sporadically spinning even when that game isn’t being played.

Needless to say, the PS5 isn’t perfect. That’s the luxury developers have in the modern era, though. Games and consoles don’t need to be the finished article when they are first released. Problems can be fixed from afar, and there are a few Sony needs to address sooner rather than later. Patch notes with a little more detail would go a long way, but history dictates that isn’t going to happen any time soon.

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