PS5 first party exclusives will come out faster than before says Sony

Sony has said it plans to ‘accelerate’ the rollout of exclusive games on the PS5, as well as buy new developers to work on them.

The PlayStation 5 will double-down on Sony’s emphasis on first party exclusives, with the company promising to make more games more quickly and acquire more studios to ensure that’s possible.

Given what a mess the coronavirus has made of most companies’ release schedule it was a welcome surprise to find Ratchet & Clank is coming out sooner than expected, and it sounds like Sony is keen to keep up the pace.

‘To reinforce content IP, Sony Interactive Entertainment will accelerate the enhancement and rollout of its portfolio of exclusive PlayStation titles,’ reads a passage in the company’s latest corporate report – the same one that also promises more PlayStation games on PC.

‘Through introducing new technologies in speed, haptics and sound, we can further improve on the exclusive experience available on the PlayStation 4, and aim to make the PlayStation 5 a truly next generation console by providing game experiences that were not possible before’, adds the report.

‘Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to provide content for a variety of game genres and formats, and make advances in unique and immersive interactive experiences such as VR.’

At this point Sony has established a large number of successful internal studios but it seems they’re still on the look out for more, perhaps including others, like Ratchet & Clank maker Insomniac, that they already have a strong relationship with (if Fall Guys developer Mediatonic aren’t in their sights we’ll be shocked).

‘Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to invest in, or acquire, firms with abundant creativity and cutting-edge technologies to build up Worldwide Studios, continues the report. ‘Most recently, in August 2019 it acquired Insomniac Games, a long-time Sony partner that has developed many hit titles.’

The approach contrasts sharply with Microsoft who, now Halo Infinite has been delayed, do not seem to have any first party games ready for the Xbox Series X launch this November.

Although in any case, they’ve already said that there will not be any first party games released exclusively on the Xbox Series X for the first year or two of its life.

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