PS5 fans could soon get the chance to go hands-on with Sony’s next-gen PlayStation

Sony may be about to give PS5 fans the chance to play the next-gen PlayStation early ahead of the console’s release date later this year. As gamers wait for official details on the PS5 price, pre-orders and when the exact release date will be one eagle Twitter user has spotted something very curious. It looks like demo stations for the PS5 have begun popping up ahead of the console’s launch.

As reported on in a post by Push Square, it appears a PS5 demo station is being set up in one Currys PC World store in the UK.

The image, which was shared online by tweeter IronCoreGame, has not been verified yet but is definitely eye-catching – and potentially very exciting.

The picture shows a stall – which features PlayStation branding – and is mainly in white like the PS5 console itself.

The area has been cordoned off but features a sofa for gamers to relax on, a large stand for a 4K TV, a unit to house the console and holders for the controller.

If the image is indeed accurate, then it could be a sign that Sony are set to ramp up their plans to promote the PS5 ahead of its launch.

And seeing as the demo station looks to be being set up at the moment, it could be a sign that some gamers will soon get a chance to go hands-on with the PS5.


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That would be hugely exciting, with gamers getting their first hands-on experience of next-gen gaming.

If demo stations are indeed being set up in the UK currently then it could also be a sign that price, release date and pre-order details will soon go live.

It had been rumoured that this crucial PS5 information was getting announced at the start of this week.

And while there was some activity, with Amazon updating their PS5 listing online, the information fans were eagerly looking forward to was not revealed.

In a boost to gamers though Sony has said they won’t set PS5 pre-orders live at a moment’s notice.

PlayStation’s worldwide head of marketing Eric Lempel this week said: “I got a message from someone saying people are lining up at stores and they had no idea why.

“I think it’s safe to say that we’ll let you know when pre-orders will happen. It’s not gonna happen in a minute’s notice.”

While also rumours have emerged that Sony could limit PS5 pre-orders to one per customer, which should make it easier to get stock for day one.

Elsewhere reports have also emerged that the PlayStation makers are ramping up their PS5 production.

It had previously been thought Sony were looking to have five to six million PS5 units ready for the console’s first few months on sale.

But now it’s been reported that this has been increased to 10million units, which should make getting a PS5 on day one easier.

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