PS Plus Premium leak reveals Tekken and Worms for PS1 – plus Ridge Racer

Five more games have leaked for PS Plus Premium as Sony secretly begins to add more games to PSN, including two Worms titles for PS1.

Despite the revamped PS Plus subscription service being due to launch on June 22 in Europe, Sony has been peculiarly quiet about any of the details.

Hundreds of games have been promised for PS Plus Extra (their equivalent of Xbox Game Pass) and PS Plus Premium (a retro-focused rebrand of PS Now) and yet they’ve only confirmed half a dozen titles for Extra and none for Premium.

As ever though, leaks have filled in the vacuum of information and since Sony themselves are the source of this particular rumour it seems pretty believable, as it suggests titles including Tekken 2, Mr. Driller, and Ridge Racer 2 are coming to the service.

The only thing Sony has said officially is that around 400 PlayStation 4 and 5 titles will be included with PS Plus Extra and around 340 PlayStation 1, 2, 3, and Portable titles for Premium.

While none of these have been announced, fans have discovered that a number of retro titles have suddenly been added to the PSN backend, complete with new artwork.

Those first three titles are all Bandai Namco games, with Tekken 2 and Mr. Driller being PlayStation 1 titles and Ridge Racer 2 (whose image uses its Japanese name Ridge Racers 2) being for PSP.

This strongly suggests though that at the very least Tekken 1 will also be added, and probably the iconic PlayStation 1 version of Ridge Racer.

According to Redditor the_andshrew other games are being added all the time, with Team17’s Worms World Party and Worms Armageddon for PlayStation 1 also suddenly appearing.

The only other hint as to what games will be added is that a number of Syphon Filter titles have suddenly been age rated for the PlayStation 4 and 5, although it seems a given that all first party Sony games will be part of the service.

It’s unclear when Sony plans to make any kind of official announcement about what games will be included but the service launches first in Asia on May 23, so there’s less than a month to go and still a lot of question left to be answered.

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