Polycade Game System Launches On Indiegogo, Fully Funds Within 24 Hours

Even though the traditional arcades of the past are pretty much gone, the arcade game machines continue to live on into the 21st century. Not only do they still exist, but they are also thriving, as more and more people get back into gaming for whatever reasons (#COVID19), or get into gaming for the first time in their lives. For evidence of this, you need only look to the Polycade modern arcade platform, which recently launched an Indiegogo campaign that fully funded in less than 24 hours.

ICYMI, Los Angeles-based Polycade has designed, built, and marketed the Polycade, the modern arcade platform and casual gaming system created to play classic and current video games right in your own home. More than a typical gaming console or computer, Polycade aims to bring the look and feel of arcade video games, and the close-knit interaction of social gaming, into the 21st century to stay.

Polycade CEO Tyler Bushnell (the son of Atari founder Nolan Bushnell) launched the Indiegogo campaign on October 29 as a presale project featuring Polycade’s new gaming hardware products, and as a way of offering people early access to the gaming software. The campaign goal was an even $50,000, and was reached in a little less than a day. As of this writing, the Polycade campaign has funded $78,405, and still has 26 days remaining.

The Polycade Indiegogo campaign has seven Perks available, ranging from $5 up to $3,999. Supporting a campaign Perk can earn you early access to the Polycade Arcade Gaming Software (AGS), as well as gift cards, and Polycade controllers. Support at higher-tiered Perks will net you an actual Polycade arcade system, including the Polycade 2600, the Polycade Lite, the Polycade Lux, and the Squadcade.

The Indiegogo page has an extensive look at the Polycade AGS available in the campaign, with details on the Classic and Modern Hits games available on the Polycade Game Store, and the games available through Steam and GOG.com. On the hardware side, there are close-ups and info on the Polycade controllers (eZpz and Arcade), along with the important hardware specs for the Polycade 2600, Lite, Lux, and Squadcade.

Click over to the Polycade: Powerful Arcade Style Gaming Indiegogo campaign site for more info on this modern arcade gaming system.

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