Pokemon Unite’s New All-Rounder Tyranitar Available Now

Pokemon Unite recently turned one and the team behind it revealed a slew of new additions coming to the game to mark the occasion. In terms of new Pokemon, Glaceon led the way last month. However, the focus has now shifted to Tryanitar as the gen two Pokemon has finally arrived in Unite.

Pokemon UK shared a short new trailer to remind Unite players Tyranitar has joined the game today. That video showcases some of its moves and confirms the dark/rock type is an all-rounder. Tyranitar's addition to Unite also means Larvitar and Pupitar have joined the game. Larvitar will evolve into Pupitar when it hits level five, and then finally Tyranitar when it reaches level nine (thanks, Dexerto).

Unlike some of the other Pokemon introduced to Unite, there's no event during which players will be able to unlock Tyranitar for free. In fact, at 14,000 Aeos coins, Tyranitar is the most expensive new Pokemon to have been added to Unite so far. On the bright side, it still isn't nearly as expensive as the Ninetales holowear added to the game last year which cost the equivalent of $40.

Moves-wise, Larvitar will know Bite to kick things off, and it can be upgraded to Dark Pulse or Stone Edge as it levels up. The Pokemon will also know Rock Polish early on, but that move can be traded out for Ancient Power or Sand Tomb as the match progresses. Suffice to say, all of that combined will make Tyranitar pretty formidable in Pokemon Unite. That coupled with its popularity probably means you're going to see a lot of it on the battlefield despite its lofty price.

The third of the three new Pokemon announced to celebrate Unite's first anniversary was Buzzwole. No confirmation on when the next Pokemon will arrive, but with three more new options promised for September, it seems likely Buzzwole will be here before the end of the month. Probably not until after the Pokemon World Championships which Unite will be a part of for the very first time when they emanate from London later this month.

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