Pokémon Unite is the new team-based co-op game for Nintendo Switch


The next big Pokémon game isn’t a remake but a MOBA-influenced multiplayer game made in conjunction with Tencent.

Most fans were hoping for that fabled Diamond and Pearl remake, but the promised new Pokémon announcement has turned to be a brand new game called Pokémon Unite.

It’ll be released on both Switch and smartphones and seems to be an attempt to appeal to the esports and MOBA crowd, especially in China.

To that end, The Pokémon Company has teamed up with Chinese giant Tencent and their internal studio TiMi, who have worked on Call Of Duty: Mobile and Arena Of Valor, will be the developer.

The brief Nintendo Direct style unveiling showed it to be a 5v5 team game with a MOBA style arena layout and the ability to level up as you fight.

There are no type advantages though and while you can catch wild pokémon as you play the connections to the existing Pokémon games seem largely limited to the visuals.

There’s no release date for the game yet but it will be ‘free-to-start’, which raises the unwelcome prospect of microtransactions.

Although hopefully Nintendo’s reported distaste for in-app purchases will help to prevent, or at least limit, that.

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