Pokemon Unite Build Guide: Tyranitar

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Pokemon Unite continues to update and expand thew playable roster, each possessing a unique set of abilities and in-game mechanics. This remains true with their latest addition to this title, Tyranitar. This Generation 2 pseudo-legendary Pokemon comes into a game as an All-Rounder, offering a well-balanced experience when playing.

This Dark-Rock dual-type Pokemon has the potential to deal massive damage to opponents, but requires you to get up close and personal with the enemy due to its melee attack style. Although Tyranitar comes into Pokemon Unite as a powerhouse, knowing the "ins and outs" of this fan-favorite Pokemon is needed to truly maximize its abilities.

When To Pick Tyranitar

Although this Pokemon is extremely powerful, there are several things to keep in mind when deciding to play as Tyranitar. First, as mentioned previously, this Pokemon possesses a melee attacking style; meaning that you will have to be comfortable getting close to the opposition when attempting to deal damage. That being said, Tyranitar possesses powerful area of effect (AoE) attacks, allowing you to deal devastating damage to several opposing players at the same time.

Tyranitar hits a massive power spike when it reaches its final evolution, but this isn't until you have reached level nine. Due to this, it is recommended that you choose the central lane when playing as this Pokemon. This will allow you to gain XP at a consistent rate, relatively uncontested. Additionally, its previous evolutions, Larvitar and Pupitar, are significantly weaker than its final form; often proving to be difficult when engaging in combat.

With these factors in mind, the central lane proves to be the perfect choice. Efficiently knock out wild Pokemon in this portion of the map, doing what you can to reach level nine as soon as possible. Once this has been done, make sure that you are grouping up with your team when objective Pokemon appear (Rotom, Drednaw, Zapdos) or for larger team fights; wielding the power to obliterate the opposition and carry your team to victory.

Tyranitar: Piercing Strength Build

This build takes advantage of Tyranitar's Piercing Strength ability, allowing for some attacks to deal damage that ignore the opponents' Defense and shield effects. Tyranitar's strength is maximized when choosing this playstyle; giving you the tools to rapidly damage and execute multiple opposing Pokemon.

Opt for Ancient Power here, a move that lets the user quickly charge at an enemy then deals damage in a large area of effect. This will not only leave opposing Pokemon unable to act when hit by this attack, but it also increases Tyranitar's Piercing Strength. Pair this with Dark Pulse, allowing you to further deal damage and stun enemies. If this is performed following a successful use of Ancient Power, the duration of your ability to deal damage while ignoring Defense and shields is extended.

When choosing Held Items for this build, it is recommended that you use items that improve Tyranitar's critical hit chances and damage. Use items like Scope Lens and Razor Claw for this, combining critical damage with your Piercing Strength ability to quickly knock out any opposing Pokemon in your path. For your Battle Item, X Attack proves to be effective. Used prior to an enemy engagement, this item further enhances the powerhouse nature of this Pokemon.

Tyranitar: Sand Tomb Build

This build centers around the move Sand Tomb and its ability to hinder the opposition. Although this build may not have as much damage output as the previous one, its hindrance capabilities make up for this shortcoming.

Use Sand Tomb to jump on enemies, dealing damage while also trapping them in a large sandstorm. This will slowly deal damage and decrease their movement speed, making it nearly impossible for the opposition to escape. Follow this up with Stone Edge, allowing you to use this attack up to three times in rapid succession. When this combo is performed successfully, you will efficiently deal damage and knock out any enemies that you trap with Sand Tomb.

Although this is a significantly different build and playstyle, Held Items like Scope Lens and Razor Claw are still recommended. This pairs well with the damage output of Tyranitar's Unite Move, allowing you to deal massive damage then execute enemies when their HP is low. If you wish to improve your overall survivability, you could also use a Held Item like Focus Band, allowing you to outlast the opposition in longer team fights. Again, X Attack proves to be extremely effective when playing with this build, allowing you to increase your overall damage when choosing to pounce on an enemy with Sand Tomb.

Tyranitar: Stats

LevelHPAttackDefenseSp. AttackSp. Defense
Level 13150150902070
Level 23224155962174
Level 333131611032379
Level 434201681112585
Level 5380919314232108
Level 6396420315435117
Level 7415021516938128
Level 8437322918742141
Level 9516127924956187
Level 10548230027462206
Level 11586832530469229
Level 12633035534077256
Level 13688539138487289
Level 14755143443799328
Level 158350485500114375

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