Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Grusha Is Making Fans Question Their Sexuality

More details about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were revealed earlier this week, as the game introduced even more characters such as academy director Clavell, homeroom teacher Jacq, and your shy new rival Penny. We also got a brief look at some of the game's gym leaders, with most fans choosing to focus their attention on Ice-Type gym leader Grusha. Just like with Professor Turo and Sada earlier this year, fan artists were smitten.

Plenty of NSFW fan art flooded Twitter and the relevant sites that you might expect. However, Game Freak itself caused chaos and made fan artists question their own sexuality when they revealed that, despite his more feminine appearance, Grusha is actually a guy with he/him pronouns. According to his official description, Grusha is a coolheaded snowboarder who shows his true emotions during heated battles.

Reactions were pretty mixed when Grusha's gender was confirmed, but NSFW fan artists were on their knees, already having drawn several saucy drawings of Grusha thinking he was a woman (thanks, Kotaku). One fan, in particular, went full denial mode and decided to reject this new information entirely. Other fans decided to embrace their bisexual awakening, one of them saying that "if Grusha a guy then call me gay." Whatever you think about Grusha, the fact is that bisexuals stay winning.

Aside from the new Gym Leaders, we also got a first look at the Paldea region, the revelation that legendaries will be rideable from the beginning, and a showcase of the game's new Tera Evolution battle gimmick. Game Freak also showed off a few new Pokemon for Scarlet & Violet, including an adorable doggo made out of bread called Fidough, and a Paldean form for Wooper, making him the first Poison/Ground type to be added to the series since Gen 1.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is still expected to launch on November 18 later this year.

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