Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Find Easy Ways To Overcome Ditto Tera Raids

Raids are a different beast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The addition of Tera raids has posed trainers with tougher challenges than ever before. That includes a Tera Ditto raid which a number of players have been struggling with, hence some people sharing tips on how they have managed to take down the gen one blob.

The trouble with wading into a Tera Ditto raid guns blazing is the overpowered Pokemon will hit back with whatever you throw at it. A plea from one trainer on Reddit (via Dexerto) has asked fellow trainers not to lead with Koraidon in Tera Ditto raids. That runs the risk of the Ditto mimicking the Koraidon's moves and stats and wiping out the entire field with ease.

The replies to the post below have offered up helpful alternatives to simply trying to overpower the Ditto. Some trainers have suggested using a Magikarp. Should the Tera Ditto transform into the helpless water Pokemon, it'll proceed to do little more than splash around, allowing other raiders to deal damage. Another suggestion is leading with a Ditto. That can result in the Tera Ditto getting stuck in a Transform loop as it turns into the raider's Ditto and then uses Transform again and again while other trainers chip away at its HP.

While it won't be much help against Ditto, previously trainers shared their success stories using Azumarill against Scarlet & Violet's Charizard raid. Azumarill's water typing nullifies Charizard's fire, and since the latter adopts dragon type in its Tera form, it's also weak against the evolved Marill's fairy type. Double whammy and the perfect Pokemon to lead the charge the next time you face a Charizard raid.

Scarlet & Violet has had a mixed start to life since launching last month. Despite selling ten million copies in just three days, the newest Pokemon games are now the lowest rated in the main series' history. Players clearly aren't leaving them behind though, and it seems the Paldean region's titles will succeed despite the early bugs and issues.

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