Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Spends Almost 300 Hours Completing Their Shiny Pokedex

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launched two months ago and if you have managed to finish one of the games in that time, well done you. If you have managed to catch at least one of all the 400 Pokemon currently in the games, even more well done you. If you have managed to catch both the normal and shiny variants of every single Pokemon in the game, well done simply isn't enough.

At least one player has managed to achieve that, sharing evidence and how long it took them to achieve the feat on Reddit (thanks, GameRant). JohnnyTsunami posted a screenshot showing they have caught every single Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet, and also caught shiny variants of all available Pokemon. Impressive by itself, but while it might not sound like it on the surface, the time in which they have managed to do that makes the accomplishment almost unbelievable.

Johnny has caught those 800 Pokemon in a little more than 285 hours. That they have managed to find the time to do that in two months is quite incredible, but when you consider the stats at play, finding and catching shiny variants of every single Pokemon in such a small amount of game time is astounding. The games' algorithm makes one in every 4096 Pokemon shiny. If you want to do the maths on what exactly that means for Johnny's journey, be my guest.

The replies to the post above have highlighted the game time as being the most impressive part of Johnny's journey. Another trainer reveals they have spent 100 hours playing Scarlet & Violet, during which time they have encountered just four shiny Pokemon. Another has been playing for 55 hours and not seen one. Even worse, one trainer revealed despite playing Pokemon since Blue, they've never seen a single shiny Pokemon.

If hunting down 800 Pokemon in 285 hours doesn't impress you, maybe a single move that can deal more than one billion damage will. It was discovered this week that under the right, very specific set of circumstances, new move Last Resorts can pack the biggest hit in Pokemon history.

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