Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Finds Easy Duplication Glitch

Duplication glitches are nothing new in Pokemon games. In fact, it seems like glitches of this nature are found just mere days after a game's release, showcased by the one found in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl last year. What with how glitchy, and sometimes straight-up broken, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is right now, it was only a matter of time until a dupe glitch was found. Now it has, and it's actually pretty easy to pull off.

First discovered by popular YouTuber Austin John Plays (thanks IGN), this glitch involves very few steps and allows you to catch an unlimited amount of your chosen Pokemon. All you need to do is find a town that you can access without having to enter a loading screen. For example, let's go with the first town you encounter on your way to school for the first time – Los Platos.

Then, you'll want to find and catch the Pokemon you want to duplicate, enter the town, and as soon as the name of the town appears on your screen, save the game and close it. Boot the game back up, go back to where you originally caught your Pokemon and you should see exactly the same one waiting for you to catch it all over again.

It's not exactly the most efficient way of duplicating, but the main draw of the glitch is that it allows you to catch an almost unlimited amount of shiny versions of one particular Pokemon. Of course, getting a shiny to show up is a challenge in itself, but with this glitch, you can easily obtain a whole evolutionary line of shinies for your own collection. Either that or you can choose chaos and flood the online market with one particular shiny.

It shouldn't be too surprising this is a thing given the state of Scarlet & Violet at the moment. Glitches and bugs are plentiful, sometimes forcing players to reboot the game every hour while some are just straight out of a horror game. Hopefully, future patches will fix the more glaring issues, although I suspect this duplication glitch just shot to the top of Game Freak's priorities.

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