Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player Catches Gyarados With Hail Mary Pokeball

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has enjoyed quite the launch. 6.5 million sold in its first week and for the most part, people appear to be loving it. Yes, the graphics could be better and it's kind of weird that the good people of Hisui aren't bothered about a hole in the sky, but if you can move past those things, Legends: Arceus might be the most innovative and exciting Pokemon game for a very long time.

One of the best new features introduced via Legends: Arceus is the Monster Hunter-inspired way you go about catching Pokemon. Rather than stumble through tall grass until you find and battle a Pokemon you probably already have, you can see them all in the wild and only sneak up and catch the ones you actually want. Unless you make eye contact with a Paras which will prompt it to stop whatever it's doing and chase you all over the Crimson Mirelands.

If you do manage to catch a Pokemon without engaging it in battle, or even better without it even seeing you, there's a terrific sense of satisfaction. However, no matter how great a throw you think you've achieved so far in Legends: Arceus, odds are you haven't bettered the Gyarados catch you can see in the clip below.

If you are yet to find Gyarados in Hisui, spoiler alert, but it really leans into its flying-typing for this latest outing. The evolved Magikarp literally flies through the air, making it incredibly difficult to catch when in motion. Not for this trainer, though. The player decides to chance it and tosses a Pokeball Gyarados's away as it whizzes past, and nails it on the first attempt. The Pokemon disappears into its new home as we imagine the player leaped from their seat, and hopefully didn't drop their Switch.

Whether you have caught a Gyarados yet or not, the clip above will probably prompt you to head back to that exact spot and try to replicate the hail mary throw. If you think you can do it, and you'll enjoy the process, go right ahead. If not, stick to tracking down a massive Buizel and rescuing children from creepy Drifloon.

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