Pokemon Journeys Just Nearly Forced A Blaziken Into Pseudo-Cannibalism

The latest episode of the Pokemon anime featured a bizarre scene where a Blaziken almost committed pseudo-cannibalism with Torchic-shaped food.

The lore of the Pokemon series confirmed that humans eat Pokemon, which includes people almost fishing Sharpedo to extinction, due to their delicious fins. It has also been confirmed that Pokemon eat each other. The Pokedex is filled with references to Pokemon hunting each other for food, like Heatmor feasting on Durant. The series rarely shows this happening directly. We have yet to see an abattoir with Miltank hanging from the ceiling, but there are subtle references to Pokemon ending up on plates.

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The latest episode of the Pokemon anime included a bizarre scene that hinted at Pokemon cannibalism. Ash and Goh are watching a Pokemon eating contest and a Blaziken is happily chowing down. A video of the following scene has blown up online and it can be seen below, courtesy of the Pokemon Reddit page. Things start to get weird when a plate of Torchic sweets are put on the table, and this happens.

Blaziken cannot bring itself to eat the food, as it looks like Torchic, which itself once was. Instead, the Blaziken thinks the Torchic are real and it walks off with the candy. This raises the question of what would have happened if the Blaziken had eaten the Torchic candy? Would this have confirmed that cannibalism happens in the Pokemon world?

We’re not ones to judge Blaziken, as we’d gladly munch on some Pokemon if they were real. It’s just odd that it would appear in an episode of the Pokemon anime. Some of the early Pokemon episodes referenced Pokemon eating each other, and Ash even fantasized about chowing down on a Magikarp. As time went on, the series started removing these elements and never addressed the issue of Pokemon meat. It’s odd that the Pokemon anime would even broach the subject, but the series has been going in a strange direction since Ash left Alola, and we wouldn’t have been surprised if Blaziken had devoured the Torchic candy.

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