Pokemon Go: Moltres Guide — Best Counters, Moveset, And More

Reminiscent of the mythical phoenix in more ways than one, Moltres has returned from the first generation as a five star raid in Pokemon GO. Just like the other Legendary birds, this will not be an easy fight — Moltres requires a coordinated team of highly skilled trainers to take down.

If you want to make sure you’re not the weak link in your raiding party, read up on the best Moltres counters, movesets, and more before you take on this rare and powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Moltres – Analysis

Moltres is the third legendary bird Pokemon from Gen 1, and takes the role of a Fire and Flying type. This means the best type counters are Water, Electric, and Rock, with Rock in particular boasting a whopping 4x super-effectiveness against Moltres. On the other hand, Moltres is very resistant to any Fairy, Fighting, Fire, or Steel types, with Bug, Grass, and Ground moves being essentially useless.

Moltres has two fast moves and four charged moves to take note of. Fire Spin and Wing Attack cover the fast moves, and are Fire and Flying types, respectively. All but one of its charges moves are Fire as well: Overheat, Fire Blast, and Heat Wave. The final move, Ancient Power, is the one Rock type move it has at its disposal.

Be careful about starting this raid during sunny weather, as this will boost all of Moltres’ Fire moves, which cover all but two possible attacks. Windy weather only boosts its Wing Attack, and Partly Cloudy is the ideal time to strike. All super-effective Rock-type attacks are boosted during this weather, which are your best weapons against this legendary bird.

Pokemon GO Moltres – Best Counters

With such an obvious weakness to exploit, Rock-type Pokemon are going to be the best choices to take down Moltres as fast as possible. From this type, three of the best picks are Rhyperior, Golem, and Terrakion.

Rhyperior is a Rock and Ground type with awesome defensive stats to keep it in the fight, plus great Rock moves like Smack Down and Rock Wrecker. Golem shares the same types, but has slightly less offensive stats and stamina. The upside is that it is a much more common Pokemon, so more trainers are likely to have one ready to go with Rock Throw and Stone Edge.

Terrakion is another amazing pick, but held back by being a legendary and far less common. If you do have one of these Rock and Fighting types, it has the highest attack of any picks so far, solid defense, and can really dish out the damage with Smack Down and Rock Slide.

If you’re looking for alternative counters, you’ll have no shortage of Rock types to pick from, such as: Rampardos, Tyranitar, Gigalith, Aerodactyl, and Regirock. While Water types are less ideal, a Mega Blastoise can certainly hold its own if need be.

Pokemon Go Moltres – Best Movesets

Rampardos – Smack Down, Rock Slide

Tyranitar – Smack Down, Stone Edge

Gigalith – Smack Down, Rock Slide

Aerodactyl – Rock Throw, Rock Slide

Regirock – Rock Throw, Stone Edge

Mega Blastoise – Water Gun, Hydro Cannon

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