Pokemon Go Had Its Most Profitable Year Ever This Year

When Pokemon Go launched in 2016, it was almost like a dream come true for many. The ability to physically go out and catch Pokemon like in the show was fantastic. While that initial hype isn’t there, the game is still going strong. In fact, even with lockdown orders due to the pandemic, Pokemon Go has had its most profitable year ever, reaching $1 billion in sales so far.

During its first year, the game generated $832 billion in revenue from player spending. There was a strange dip in spending in 2017 to the tune of 30%, but ever since then, Pokemon Go has only become more profitable—with this year marking the first year that estimates player spending at $1 billion.

These numbers come to us via SensorTower, which has been tracking estimated revenues for Pokemon Go since its launch. The outlet attributes the increase to increased spending on gaming in general, and mobile games specifically. So far, Pokemon Go is the third most popular mobile game by global player spending.

PUBG mobile holds the number one spot and Honor of Kings ranks in at number two. To date, the game has made Niantic (and Nintendo and The Pokemon Company) $4 billion, with the United States being the most lucrative market. Americans have spent over $1.5 billion on the game; barely surpassing their Japanese counterparts, who have spent $1.3 billion.

All of this news, of course, comes ahead of the close of the calendar year—which means Pokemon Go is going to make even more money in the months to come. The majority of that money is likely to come from trainers who are looking for an edge in the game’s Battle League. Of course, there may be time to squeeze in two different seasons of Battle League, as season five is set to be the shortest yet, ending on November 30. Season six will start immediately afterward, though we don’t know the details of what season six will bring to the game.

Either way, you can be sure Niantic is going to have something up its sleeve to entice you to spend a couple of dollars. We just hope there aren’t any more back-to-back fights over the game.

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