PlayStation Will Reportedly Add Discord Voice Chat "In The Coming Months"

A new report from reputable industry insider Tom Henderson claims that PlayStation is planning to integrate Discord voice chat "in the coming months."

In an article for Exputer, Henderson says that the same source that originally leaked the existence of the recently announced DualSense Edge controller has now claimed that Discord will hit PS5 consoles later this year. Discord has apparently been in the QA phase for a few months and will reportedly drop with the release of version 7.00, with version 6.00 expected to release this September. While Henderson doesn't provide a specific date, he does claim that he'll have a more accurate window next week.

Sony announced a partnership with Discord way back in May last year, with SIE CEO Jim Ryan explaining that Discord would be integrated with PlayStation consoles but stopped short of detailing how in-depth the integration would be. PlayStation announced earlier this year that users can now link their PlayStation and Discord accounts, but has remained silent on whether Discord will be fully integrated into consoles.

While neither Sony nor PlayStation has actually confirmed any of this yet, it is a bit of much-needed good news for PlayStation users. The company has been involved in several controversies over the past few weeks, more recently angering those still trying to get their hands on a PS5 by raising the price of the console in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and several other territories.

It was also revealed earlier this week that consumer rights champion Alex Neill from the UK is suing Sony for $5 billion for allegedly "ripping people off" by charging a 30 percent commission for digital games on the PlayStation store. According to the suit, anyone who has purchased items from the PlayStation store in the UK since August 19, 2016, is entitled to between £67 and £562 in compensation.

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