PlayStation Days of Play returns for 2021 with free multiplayer weekend

Sony is bringing back Days of Play this summer, with the return of PlayStation Player Celebration and a sale later in the month.

During lockdown Days of Play became a lot more important for Sony, as a means to focus the PlayStation community and give away free stuff.

Although the situation is a little different this year the event is coming back, with a new version of the PlayStation Player Celebration, where players are given shared goals to earn exclusive avatars and PlayStation 4 themes.

Free registration starts today, and will last until May 31, but the event itself starts on Tuesday, May 18. The, rather complicated, rules and registration details can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

The basic gist of the Celebration is that you play a set number of games each week and each one that you play for at least an hour counts towards the overall goal that everyone is trying to reach.

You get double points if you play together with someone on your Friends List and there are all sorts of bonus goals and complications if you really get into it.

If that doesn’t seem your thing though, or you simply don’t have the time, there’ll also be a Days of Play Celebration Sale later this month, featuring both PlayStation 4 and 5 games – although at the moment there’s no indication which ones.

Finally, in terms of freebies you don’t have to work, for there’s a free online multiplayer weekend coming up, where you don’t have to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to play.

The idea is that you’ll see the benefits of PS Plus and decide to join, although oddly Sony hasn’t said which weekend it is yet, just that it’s this month.

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