Phasmophobia: Everything You Need To Know About The Cursed Possessions Update

Ever since its release in September 2020, Kinetic Games has brought out consistent updates to Phasmophobia that have since introduced a wide range of new aspects to the game. Not only this, but the developers have also continuously improved on already-established aspects of Phasmophobia, evidently taking player feedback into careful consideration.

The latest Cursed Possessions update has brought with it some massive changes, introducing six new objects to aid in your ghost-hunting escapades, one of which will spawn on each map. There has also been the introduction of the new 'Mimic' ghost type, as well as improvements to the Nightmare Mode that was introduced in the last major update. Here's everything you can expect when you play the Cursed Possessions update.

10 Cursed Hunts

A new development to the game has been the introduction of cursed hunts. These cursed hunts are a result of hunts caused by using Cursed Items and then triggering a hunt on them. They are different from normal hunts and affect every normal hunt following them.

Cursed hunts only have a one-second grace period, meaning that your time to get away from the ghost is greatly diminished and they also (unlike normal ghost hunts) can not be stopped by using a crucifix. Additionally, following triggering a cursed hunt, every normal hunt that is triggered afterward will last longer than it normally would have.

9 The Music Box

Definitely one of the creepier additions to the Cursed Possessions Update, the Music Box allows you to hear the ghost, meaning that you can identify the ghost room easier. When holding and playing the Music Box, the ghost can be heard singing along eerily, adding a terrifying aspect to games.

However, if you get too close to the ghost when utilizing the Music Box, it will trigger a cursed hunt. The Music Box lid will slam abruptly shut and you'll have to run and find a hiding place. It is also worth noting that, like the rest of the newly-introduced Cursed Possessions, the Music Box will drain your sanity massively for as long as you can hear the music.

8 The Tortured Voodoo Doll

Many content creators have noted the comical element to the Tortured Voodoo Doll's ragdoll physics, however, there is a much more sinister element to this tool. The doll is filled with nine Pins (and one Heart Pin) that you can move to elicit reactions from the ghost, allowing you to identify the ghost room and gain evidence.

There is a risk when using the Tortured Voodoo Doll as the randomly sinking Heart Pin will trigger a cursed ghost hunt. Each Pin you use takes away ten percent of your sanity and if you have less than this and try to use the Tortured Voodoo Doll, all of the pins will be sucked in and a cursed hunt will trigger automatically.

7 The Haunted Mirror

The Haunted Mirror can only be used in the house and can show you part of the ghost room, allowing you to identify it. When using it, an animation will play out, allowing you to look around the ghost room from where the ghost orb is.

It is important to reiterate that the Haunted Mirror shows the location of the ghost orb in the ghost room and not the location of the ghost, as the ghost can move around. This object also has a massive effect on your sanity, as you will lose -7.5 sanity per second you use it. When you deplete all of your sanity, the mirror itself will break and a cursed hunt will be triggered.

6 The Summoning Circle

This new addition to the game is a brilliant tool for those who are keen photographers. Taking pictures that are good quality results in a higher star rating, meaning you and get more points and, ultimately, more money. When all five candles on the circle are lit with a lighter, the ghost will be summoned. This is a one-use item.

Most objectives, such as walking through salt and witnessing a ghost event can be completed with the Summoning Circle. You must be careful, however, as after a few seconds the ghost will break free and a cursed hunt will follow. According to CJ, a developer, using the Summoning Circle should also deplete your sanity by a massive 80 percent.

5 Tarot Cards

The inclusion of Tarot Cards to Phasmophobia has brought with it an interesting game of chance. There are a total of ten cards to draw, however, there are both positive and negative cards, with one even meaning that you die on the spot. You won't know the card's effect until it has been drawn and you are unable to stop the effects once it has been. With brilliant graphic design accompanying them, these cards are meant to be used with great amounts of caution.

The Phasmophobia Tarot Card Deck

These are the cards you can draw:

  • The Fool: A joke card which briefly shows you a bad card, only to disappear into 'The Fool'.
  • The High Priestess: A random dead teammate will be revived.
  • The Hermit: Similar to smudge sticks, the ghost is prevented from roaming or hunting for a brief period.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: If the card burns green, players will gain an additional 25 percent sanity, however, if it burns red they will lose 25 percent sanity.
  • The Hanged Man: The player who draws the card will die immediately.
  • Death: This will trigger a ghost hunt.
  • The Devil: A ghost event is triggered.
  • The Tower: This will trigger ghost activity to occur.
  • The Moon: Fully depletes sanity to zero.
  • The Sun: Fully increases sanity to 100 percent.

4 The Reworked Ouija Board

Although previously a feature of the game, the Ouija Board has had a rework and has become one of the game's Cursed Possessions. Along with a new design, players are now able to ask ghosts more questions, such as the location of the bone. Although asking questions can give great insight into the ghost type, it should be noted that each question depletes your sanity.

There is now also the chance that you can break the Ouija Board, triggering a cursed hunt. Before walking away from the Ouija Board, you must state 'Goodbye' for the board to stay intact. Additionally, the phrase 'Hide and Seek' will trigger a countdown on the board, at the end of which is a cursed hunt and a broken board.

3 Ghost Identities In Nightmare Mode

The Nightmare Update, which was the last major update to Phasmophobia, brought with it the new Nightmare Mode which added a whole new level of difficulty to the game. With attributes such as ghosts not revealing one type of evidence and kills extending the hunt's duration, many players wondered if Nightmare Mode was too hard, with it usually resulting in a guessing game for the ghost type.

The new update seems to directly combat this with the inclusion of ghost identities in Nightmare Mode. This means that some ghosts have been given new abilities and passives to make their behavior more in line with their journal descriptions. This makes Nightmare Mode not necessarily easier (as there is still a high level of difficulty), but more playable.

2 The New Mimic Ghost

With new ghost types coming out frequently to bring variation to the game, the new Mimic ghost type is easily the most interesting as of late. As its name suggests, it can copy the traits and abilities of other types of ghosts, causing definite confusion. This is additionally the only ghost to technically have four types of evidence in Normal Mode and three types in Nightmare Mode (with ghost orbs guaranteed in this mode).

Evidence Types:

  • Spirit Box
  • Fingerprints
  • Freezing Temperatures
  • Ghost Orbs (extra evidence)

1 Other Changes

Alongside the prominent gameplay additions, Kinetic Games has also reworked a lot of existing game aspects and fixed bugs. For example, there is an overall improvement with sound design and the addition of two new tabs to the journal interface. Players have also spotted a Santa Claus ghost who dons a Santa suit and whose presence is preceded by the sound of bells.

Another big change has been the way that you can no longer quickly escape through the exterior doors or gates when a hunt starts, forcing you to brave the ghosts rather than run away in fear.

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