Phasmophobia Adds Santa Claus As A Ghost

Phasmophobia's new Cursed Possessions update added several new items to the game that should help with your paranormal investigations. There's the Tortured Voodoo Doll that can trigger a reaction in the ghost whenever you stick it with a pin, the Music Box that gets ghosts to sing along with its "haunting melody," and ten Tarot Cards that will each have a unique effect.

There are also two new ghosts. One is the Mimic, a challenging new spirit that mimics the properties of other ghosts, and the other is… much more easily identified.

He's wearing a bright red suit, wielding a candy cane, and his presence is always preceded by the ringing of sleigh bells. The only thing that sets this ghost apart from the real thing is just how rotted his corpse is.

Yes, Phasmobophobia snuck Santa Claus into the latest update. You'd think that jolly old Saint Nick would be a little more forgiving of trespassers than Phasmophobia's other ghosts, but no, he's just as deadly as the rest of them. Dead Santa thinks everyone’s been naughty, apparently.

Fans stumbled across Santa over the weekend and were universally surprised by his appearance several weeks before Christmas. They were also surprised to see how homicidal Santa's become as a spirit. Probably because nobody's left him milk and cookies in what appears to have been a very long time.

Santa isn't the only thing that's getting into the Christmas spirit in Phasmophobia. Maple Campsite's weather has gotten much colder with the latest update, and there have been new sounds added for player footsteps to better represent the surface they're sprinting across–from hardwood floors to snow-covered terrain.

There's a long list of other changes in the patch notes, so give 'em a read before you try to appease Santa's tortured soul. And if you prefer your Santas still breathing, there's a new Santa dating game where you can show a living Santa just how good you've been this year, if you know what I mean.

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