Persona 5 Poll Reveals Joker Is The Most Popular Character

The results of a recent poll from Atlus and Sega have revealed that Joker is the most popular character from Persona 5 Royal, with characters like Ryuji and Morgana falling surprisingly low on the results.

As reported by Nintendo Insider, Atlus and Sega recently published the results of a poll that asked fans which of the Persona 5 Royal characters they liked the most, and the results have the community feeling pretty split. Although some of the choices could be seen from a mile away (of course Akechi is popular), some characters have been pretty snubbed.

Starting from the top, we have Joker in first place. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering Joker is the protagonist and the character we spend the most time with, but for anyone thinking it's an unfair win I'd like to remind you that Joker has some of the best lines in the whole game. From "Aloha" to "Punish me more", he's unarguably one of the funniest characters in the game.

Next up on the list is Makoto, who earns her namesake of Queen – no arguments here, Makoto rules. Surprisingly, third place goes to Kasumi, who was only introduced in Persona 5 Royal but seems to have made quite an impact in quite a short timeframe. Not so surprising is Futaba in fourth place, whose sisterly relationship with Joker is one of the highlights of the game – just don't romance her, you creeps.

Rounding out the top five is Akechi, the complicated villain and pancakes fanatic that everyone loves to hate. This isn't surprising considering how much Persona fans have ranted, raved, and wished for a better ending for the character, something that Royal managed to do. Aside from Kasumi, the top five isn't too surprising at all, but it's the bottom half that's causing some confusion (and rage).

According to the official poll, the sixth most popular Persona 5 character is Anne, which is a bit of a surprise considering how much time is spent with her and how great her relationship is with Joker and another character we'll get to in a sec. In seventh place and also being absolutely messed around is Yusuke who, aside from being a bit of a creep, is a joy to watch and listen to. For shame.

In eighth place is Morgana, which isn't too surprising considering the marmite nature of the character and some of the events in the story. Still, you spend a lot of time with him in the campaign, so it's a bit of a shock to see him this low. By far the most incorrectly ranked of them all is Ryuji in ninth place, one space away from being at the bottom. As Joker's best boy and the missing romance option that we all wanted, seeing him so low is a massive shame, and something Persona fans have been vocal about on the series' subreddit.

Finally, in last place is Haru, which is the least surprising result of the entire poll. As the last member of the Phantom Thieves and the one associated with some of the game's longer and more annoying dungeons, Haru has been the least popular member of the team since Persona 5 originally launched. She deserves better, though.

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