Palworld Coming To Xbox, Devs Warn Of Fake Beta Test Scam

Palworld has confirmed that it will release on both PC and Xbox consoles. The news comes via the upcoming game's official Twitter account shortly after the new trailer dropped at Tokyo Game Show.

"We're also pleased to announce that PALWORLD is also coming to XBOX Series X, S, and Xbox One," developer Pocket Pair confirmed. Palworld is already scheduled to release sometime in 2023 on PC via Steam.

Palworld's Steam store page confirms that it's going to be much more than just an open-world Pokemon game where your monsters can be armed with an AK-47. Palworld made headlines soon after its announcement last year as being "Pokemon, but with guns," however, the game also features survival mechanics, base building, farm, and factory automation, as well as online multiplayer.

The new TGS trailer shows Palworld boss fights will task the player with going up against powerful Pals, but unlike in Pokemon, the player isn't merely a passive observer. You'll engage directly in combat with an arsenal of weapons and you'll be able to call upon your team of Pals to help. Some Pals will offer special abilities like fire or freeze breath, or they might just come equipped with guns of their own.

Palworld has progressed significantly since its first trailer at Live Expo 2021. Graphics and lighting have improved, new weapons have been added (including a rocket launcher in the latest trailer), and there are new traversal mechanics like riding on your Pals or sliding on foot.

The game has also generated a lot of interest for its obvious comparisons to Pokemon, but not all the publicity has been good. Pocket Pair had to warn fans on the official Discord last month of a scam where victims are invited to take part in a beta test. Pocket Pair has confirmed that no such tests are underway and anyone sending links to a Palworld beta test on Discord should not be trusted.

Palworld arrives on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam sometime in 2023.

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