Overwatch 2 Bug Suspends Players For Getting Disconnected

A bug in Overwatch 2 appears to be causing players to be suspended from Competitive play through no fault of their own. An issue with the servers seems to be forcibly kicking players from matches, acting as if they left themselves. This gives them a 15-minute ban from playing again, with the punishments getting harsher every time this happens.

Numerous fans have complained that this is happening to them, especially in the past two weeks. It's possible that the increased playerbase since Overwatch 2's launch and its first Halloween event is causing issues with the servers – definitely not the first time we've seen this happen.

"I was waiting for a Competitive match [and] it told me it had found a game. Suddenly I was banned or suspended for 14 minutes and I cannot see why," says Reddit user Raspyasdfgh, not sure what happened."

Others share that this has happened to them too – with dramatic consequences.

"[This] has happened to me several times in the last two weeks," says FluffyBear310. "I opened a ticket and Blizzard basically said there’s nothing they can do about it. Each time you get dropped the amount of time you’re banned goes up. I’m at 8 hours now; the next one is 24 hours, I think. I gave up on playing Comp this season."

Many others are experiencing the issue too. It's not clear if Blizzard has a plan to address this, but in the meantime, it might be best to avoid playing Competitive if this is happening to you frequently. Not only will you be hit with suspensions, but you'll also lose SR and therefore go down the next time your rank is updated. If you keep getting suspended, you'll eventually be locked out of playing Competitive for the entire season. If this happens in three separate seasons, the ban is permanent. So maybe just mess around in Quick Play if this has happened to you a few times already.

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