Outriders: Mentor Quest Walkthrough

Outriders’ Mentor quest takes players to the Wreckage Zone. This is the last known location of Seth, an Altered that was supposed to fight alongside Grand Marshal Corrigan’s people. Since he’s been gone for a few days, you’ll need to find him.

The quest itself is mostly straightforward, asking you to kill a few Insurgents and Beasts. This is the first level players will have to fight a Brood Mother, the Beast faction’s equivalent of a Captain. Bring a weapon or ability with crowd control properties, such as Freeze or any type of Slow. You’re going to need it.

Quest Synopsis

  • Meet Grand Marshal Corrigan
  • Search the Wreckage Zone for Seth

Meet Grand Marshal Corrigan

Grand Marshal Corrigan can be found on the northwest part of town. From spawn, head up the trail to your right and follow it until you reach the town’s saloon. Head right, then follow the path that leads to the building shown in the above image. Speak to Corrigan, then head back to Jakub to reach the Wreckage Zone.

Search The Wreckage Zone For Seth

Once you’ve made it to the Wreckage Zone, enter the tunnel directly across from spawn. Follow the path to your left to reach the first arena.

Insurgent Camp

You’ll come across dozens of Insurgents patrolling a wreckage site. The enemies outside the remnants of the building are typical Rifleman and Breachers. They aren’t aggroed when you arrive, so you have a moment to prepare or land a few headshots.

Pushing into the complex, you’ll find an Ironclad in the middle of a dozen Rifleman. As with all Ironclads, a single melee will remove all of their armor. If you can’t close the gap, try to reach the upper floor to gain a vantage point on most of the enemies.

After you kill the Ironclad, a Captain will spawn near the exit. Unless you can kill the Captain outright, redirect your attention to the fodder enemies at this stage. So much gunfire will be directed at you that it’ll be tough to survive otherwise. Clear out the area of all Insurgents, then open the door at the end of the arena to proceed.

Hidden Chest #1

From the stairs leading to the exit, head left to find a chest resting along a rock wall.

Hidden Chest #2

Near the exit, head up the stairs to your right. Turn left to find a chest hiding in a dark room.

Hidden Chest #3

From the second hidden chest, turn around and run down the path to find the chest inside a small cave.

Further Into The Wreckage

Plant a flag at the hologram, then restock on your ammo. Push through the doorway directly in front of you to find the next group of enemies.

A Breacher will greet you when you first arrive. Swiftly take him out, then push forward to find a large group of Insurgents.

Cutthroats will immediately rush you, supported by an Ironclad and two snipers. The snipers are extremely dangerous and should be your top priority. Run up the hill to take them out.

The Cutthroats will pursue you. An AoE ability should be enough to take them out. For the Ironclad, melee before unloading your weapon into them.

Further up the compound, enemies will begin to spill out from a doorway leading into the ruins. They are all fodder enemies, so any AoE ability should take care of them. Head inside to find a switch that’ll give power to one of the exits.

Hidden Chest #1

In the back left part of the arena (up the stairs from where you came from) is a hole in the wall that’s hiding a chest.

When you turn on the power, enemies will spill into the building from where you just came from. A Cremator is in the middle of this horde. Shoot at its fuel canister to blow him up, damaging anyone nearby. Finish the rest of the enemies before heading down.

Plant a flag at the hologram, then proceed right to fight a handful of Beasts.

Hidden Chest #2

Instead of going right from the flag, head left to find a chest tucked away in a corner.

Perforo Swarm

Perforos have made their way into the Wreckage Zone. You’ll be rushed by an Alpha Perforo right as you walk away from the fast travel flag. Be prepared to roll or melee. When it leaps on you, use any close-range weapons to chunk its health bar. Abilities also work.

Swarms of fodder Perforos will spawn soon after. These enemies are a complete joke compared to the Insurgents. A melee attack or any AoE ability can kill a whole pack of them. Defeat two waves of these enemies to spawn the first miniboss unit from the Beast faction.

Brood Mother

Brood Mothers are arguably the toughest enemy in Outriders. They have the potential to stunlock you like Alpha Perforos but have much more HP.

When it spawns, shoot its heart. A Brood Mother’s heart is its critical spot. If you deal enough damage to it, it’ll explode, preventing the Brood Mother from buffing nearby allies.

Beyond its ability to buff allies, it’s functionally a much tougher Alpha Perforo. It uses the same leap and slice attacks that Alphas are notorious for. Because of this, fighting a Brood Mother requires you to stay at either close range or long distances.

Constantly be damaging the Brood Mother, using your weapons and abilities alike to chip away at its massive health bar. Perforos and an Alpha will rush you soon after the Brood Mother spawns.

Kill the Alpha as soon as you can, then focus on the Brood Mother. Whenever you need to heal, use the Perforos as health packs. Use everything at your disposal to take these enemies out.

Hidden Chest

When you enter the arena with the Brood Mother, turn around. The chest will be resting in a corner beside a crumbling wall.

After a brief cutscene plays, talk to Jakub to return to Trench Town. Since Seth couldn’t take the heat, you’ll have to lead Corrigan’s people to victory in the next quest. Get ready for a bloodbath.

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