Outriders: How To Get Level 50 Gear

In Outriders, the max level for your character is 30. However, you can keep getting better gear by increasing World and Challenge Tiers, which make the enemies you fight more difficult. This gives you the opportunity to push your character’s stats even higher, despite not being able to earn more Class Points after the level cap.

Although your character can only reach level 30, enemies can go as high as level 50. They can be extremely challenging to fight, but the rewards are extremely powerful. Here’s everything you need to know to get level 50 gear in Outriders.

How To Find Level 50 Gear

To earn level 50 gear, you must fight enemies of the same level. To increase enemy difficulty, you must raise your World Tier.

What Are World Tiers

World Tiers are difficulty levels that you unlock as you play Outriders. You will start on World Tier 1, but quickly start progressing through the ranks. On World Tier 1, enemies are two levels below your character. Every World Tier pushes enemies up by one level. World Tier 15 raises enemy levels by 12 from your level.

This means that to fight the hardest enemies, you must also be max level. When you reach level 30, enemies will be level 42 on World Tier 15.

More importantly, the level of loot that drops also increases with World Tiers. It increases by the same amount as enemy levels, so your level 30 character on World Tier 15 will find level 42 gear.

However, you can’t get above level 42 gear by playing the main story on World Tier 15. To get level 50 gear, you will need to start doing Expeditions.

What Are Expeditions

Expeditions are extremely challenging endgame activities that you unlock after completing the main story. These are separate from, and thus completely unaffected by, World Tiers.

Expeditions offer rewards based on how you perform in the mission. The level and rarity of these rewards is determined by Challenge Tiers.

What Are Challenge Tiers

Challenge Tiers are another difficulty progression system, like World Tiers, but they only apply to Expeditions. Challenge Tier 1 will pit you against level 31 enemies, offering level 31 loot if you win.

Which Expeditions Are Easiest To Farm

There are fourteen different Expeditions in Outriders. These all vary in length and difficulty, but if you want to get level 50 gear quickly, focus on Stargrave, Archways of Enoch and Chem Plant. These are the easiest Expeditions to complete and farm for better gear.

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