Outriders: How To Change World Tiers When You’re Stuck On A Difficult Fight

Outriders can be a very challenging game – sometimes. Most of the time you’re running through the world, picking off minor enemies with just a few bullets, and then occasionally you’ll need to actually get serious and start using your abilities.

But then randomly, from nowhere, an enemy will appear that, while beatable by itself, when combined with a legion of mobs running at you, it becomes a genuinely insurmountable task. If you’ve been wondering why that keeps happening, you might not have been paying attention to your World Tier.

It’s an easy mistake to make, but World Tiers in Outriders completely change how you should approach the game, and ramp up the difficulty along with the quality of the loot you can find. Though that loot quality might not be worth it when you’re restarting a ten-minute engagement for the third time. Just read on below for all of the reasons you should change your World Tier in Outriders.

How To Change World Tiers In Outriders

Changing your World Tier is, luckily, quite simple. You won’t be able to do it mid-battle, but if you’ve just respawned after failing against an overwhelming assault, then it’s a good time to consider it.

First navigate to the Pause menu. You’ll see your World Tier selection right at the top – this is a hint that it might be pretty important.

Now you can select your World Tier. If you’re struggling against any particular fight, our suggestion is to turn your World Tier down by one, and consider turning it back up again once the fight is over.

Why You Should Consider Changing Your World Tier In Outriders

Right, now if you just looked at the World Tier menu you’ve probably seen the additional settings that come with each World Tier. By playing higher World Tiers, you choose to go up against far more powerful enemies, and with them comes the chance of rarer loot. It’s hard to turn down an offer like that, but the difficulty really can end up outweighing the rewards.

While, in my opinion, it’s definitely worth attempting to go at the game on the highest possible World Tier, it might not always be worth it. Outriders has several notorious difficulty spikes throughout the campaign that can really trip up your progress, especially if you’re playing solo. If you come up against one of these and end up dying multiple times, it really is better to lower the World Tier instead of beating your head against a brick wall.

Playing on a higher World Tier really can get you better rewards, but during the campaign those rewards are destined to be replaced by that which you can earn during the end game. As a result there’s no reason to attempt to get the rarest possible rewards in the short term, and then once the campaign is over you can always think about going back to farm for whatever items you want.

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