Outriders: How To Beat The Shepherds Of Enoch Quest

The Shepherds of Enoch Quest might be the hardest quest in Outriders. That’s including the final boss fights. What starts off as a pretty ordinary side quest turns into one of the most frustrating fights we’ve experienced in the game so far: the broken Shaman Warlord.

This guy is a monster. He one-shots you for the vast majority of your health, especially if you’re playing on one of the higher world tiers. He struts around with his thousands of HP and eats your bullets like it’s nothing. Is this boss bugged? Who knows, because it’s super hard to take down. It took us a good few hours to finally beat this guy. Here’s how we did it.

You Can Change Your World Tier

One of the biggest problems with this quest is how much HP the Warlord has on higher world tiers. He just doesn’t seem to die. Pair this with his frustrating sniper electricity mayhem and it can feel pretty much impossible to complete.

We’re not advocating just lowering the world tier to get past the Shaman, but if this boss fight is sending you up the wall, you can lower the difficulty to make it more manageable. The option is there. This is a game after all, and it’s meant to be fun. Check out our guide on how to change the World Tier difficulty.

Trust us, we were tempted to lower the difficulty and get on with our lives, but after a bit more grinding we were able to get the kit together to finally beat the quest.

Sustainability Is More Important Than Anything Else

Sustainability is crucial if you want to make it past the Shaman fight. First, the weapon. The only thing you really need to beat this Warlord is to have a weapon that boosts both weapon and skill life leech. Ideally, you’d want this on an LMG, but an assault rifle will work fine as well.

That’s because you’re going to need to heal. Repeatedly. Your LMG obviously keeps up a sustained rate of fire (and healing) more than other weapons. But keep in mind: the Shaman Warlord puts out ridiculous damage and has a lot of HP. You might just die when you reload.

It took us about 10-15 minutes to finally defeat this quest when we were properly kitted out.

Extra Gear Mods That Can Make A Huge Difference

If you do have a decent life leech mod set up on your LMG, then you’re probably going to need some extra sustainability while your big gun is reloading. This is less important if you’re using a different automatic weapon that reloads faster.

One of the problems is that this isn’t a cinematic boss: the Warlord doesn’t spawn extra minions to help you get regen from kills. This gets rid of a lot of the potential healing mods and perks.

There are some decent armor mods that will help you survive longer. If you’re running any type of Bleed build, then Blood Potion can get you extra regen off critical shots. Here are a few other ideas for armor mods (note that some of these are legendary exclusive):

  • Not Impressed: reduces damage taken from elites by 25 percent.
  • Emergency Stance: when your health drops below 30 percent you get an active resistance boost.
  • Death’s Door: doubles your armor when your health drops below 35 percent
  • Adrenaline: when you drop below 50 percent health your skill cooldowns are reduced by 50 percent. This could get you out of a very sticky situation.

Ultimately, check what you currently have on your gear in terms of survivability. You’re going to need all of it. You should also check out our mod guide to learn a few things about how to gear up for fights like this one.

Best Class To Complete The Shepherds of Enoch Quest At High World Tier

We tried two classes to defeat this quest: the Trickster and the Devastator. The reasoning boils down pretty simply: the Trickster is good at dealing single-target damage and healing off close-range attacks, and the Devastator is a lot harder to kill.

Of course, this all comes down to whether you’re trying to beat this quest solo or as a team. For a solo player, the Devastator is an obvious choice. The Golem perk saved our lives over and over again when we ended up getting trapped in the Warlord’s lightning strikes. With the weapon and skill leech, and the added protection of the Devastator’s skills, we were able to beat the Warlord at World Tier 15. Check out our guide to a strong Devastator build.

That being said, the Trickster performed just as well. The Slow Time trap is an all-around great skill that prevents enemies from attacking, ideal to slow down the Warlord when he’s charging up one of his attacks. The Trickster can also get some regen synergy with the Twisted Rounds skill and the healing mod Blue Blood — this is eventually what got us over the line at World Tier 15. You can check out our full guide to the Twisted Trickster build here.

The Shaman Warlord

The Shaman Warlord does deal a lot of damage at a high world tier (10+) and he does have a lot of health, but thankfully his attacks are quite scripted and easy to dodge if you’ve had a bit of practice.

It’s likely the lightning strike ability that’s killing you over and over. This is the one that you can track on the floor by dodging out of the way of the circles. Easier said than done. Those circles can pin you into a corner, and if you’re not in the process of shooting him or using a skill to heal, then you might just die instantly.

Try to stay in the open as much as possible. The room is covered in pillars, so you might find yourself bumping into them. Stay aware of what’s around you while you’re rolling around.

As a final note, the loot isn’t particularly great from this fight, so if you are really struggling… you can always skip the fight and come back to it later when you’re geared up with ridiculous stuff.

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