Outriders Demo: Tips To Ensure Victory On Enoch

Outriders is a new coop action game set in a brand-new sci-fi universe. While trying to colonize the new Enoch planet, the people of Earth faced an unknown anomaly. Those who survived have gained supernatural abilities and become known as Altered. Enoch is a dangerous war zone, where people are fighting each other just to survive. This guide will prepare you for all the challenges this planet has to offer. Let’s go, Outriders!

Outriders Is A 3-player Coop Game – It Is Easier And More Fun This Way

Of course, you can play the game solo, if you wish. But obviously, Outriders designed to be played together, either with your friends or just with some random dudes. In this case, you can revive each other during the fight, you can combine your skills like in Mass Effect series, and you can use a variety of tactics on the battlefield to make the game more intense and fun. Plus, there is a crossplay feature, allowing you to easily connect with your pals on other platforms. The developers already indicate that crossplay works in a beta state during the demo, but it will be in its full capacity at launch.

No Weapon Restrictions For Any Class

In Outriders, you can choose whatever weapon you like for each of the available classes — there are completely no restrictions. However, it is wise to remember your class’s strengths and weaknesses to mitigate your abilities with the right gun for you. For example, as Technomancer, it is a good strategy to use a sniper rifle while freezing enemies with your ice turret and finishing them off afar. As Devastator, you can equip a shotgun and rush into the fight with your charge jump, to quickly annihilate your foes in close quarters.

Healing Can Be Tricky In Outriders, Especially With Bosses

Outriders possess a unique healing system for each class, which players should master to survive. There are no medkits in the game, and you are forced to damage and kill your foes to restore your own health, as like you play a vampire. However, there comes a catch, especially when you play the game solo. Boss encounters always leave you 1 to 1 with a mighty enemy, and if you playing as Devastator or Trickster, obligated with “kill to heal” abilities, you simply cannot restore your health at all. The best way to go here is to choose Technomancer or Pyromancer if you wish for a solo playthrough because it’s much easier for them to heal.

Holding Your Position Is Not A Good Tactic In Outriders, So Keep Moving

Despite the fact that Outriders is a cover-based third-person shooter, it is not wise to stick to one cover and hold your ground. Enemies will quickly flank you or flash you out with grenades. It is vital to keep moving constantly, sprinting, rolling, and use your skills and melee combat to damage your foes and heal yourself. Not to mention other Altered, who can quickly get to your position and cause massive havoc with their abilities.

If You Have Difficulty Troubles — Lower Your World Tier

Sometimes if you’re stuck at a certain level, you will have at least two options for what to do next. First, you can go grind elsewhere to return with better gear and more powerful skills. Second, you can temporarily lower your active World Tier, making enemies a little easier to wipe out. For example, my World Tier once grew just prior to a heavy boss fight, and I wasn’t quite ready for such an outcome. After a few tries, I lowered the World Tier a bit and got my victory pretty fast.

Toggle Auto Pick Up Items

Sometimes things heat up in Outriders, as large groups of enemies can surround you and your squadmates, causing a quick death. In this case, you will permanently lose all items left on the battlefield. To avoid this unpleasant outcome, you may wish to toggle rarity levels of your auto-picks in the options. Now your character will automatically gather all the loot near you, preventing you from accidentally losing some nice weapons.

You Don’t Want To Miss Hidden Chests With New Gear

In Outriders, it is better to examine locations carefully before leaving. Alongside ammo chests at the checkpoints, look for other blue glowing lockers, usually hidden in the secrets spots of each level. These boxes contain some valuable loot and resources you don’t want to miss. Also, don’t forget to check your inventory after every mission and equip the best gear you have. There is no auto-equip system in the demo that will do this for you automatically.

There Are Some Hidden Points With Craft Materials You Can Obtain

While advancing through some open spaces in Outriders, you can find attractive glowing blue spots on the walls. These are crafting materials spots for you to extract. Just walk towards them and do your job in a couple of seconds. It is worth noting that the crafting system is not available in the demo, but these resources will certainly come in handy in the full game.

Don’t Forget To Obtain Rewards For Higher Levels World Tiers

World Tiers is the second progression system, spawning more powerful enemies with more valuable rewards. World Tier by default will be set at its highest but requires the player to collect special rewards for pumping it up. All you need to do is open a World Tier window and manually claim all rewards that you obtain. This includes some resources and even new rare items, so don’t forget to check your status from time to time.

Choose Your Equipment Wisely For Huge Hidden Bonuses

When thinking about what to equip or choosing a reward for the mission, pay attention to special bonuses at the bottom of each rare item. These will provide you with power-ups for different skills at your disposal. It is better to choose the one that provides a bonus for your most useful or strongest skill, which you substantially rely upon during the game.

You May Complete Side Quests Several Times To Get Extra Loot And XP

There are a few story missions in the demo and four additional side quests you may like to complete. These assignments will be available over time you progress through the main story. And you can go through every side quest as many times as you want, gaining additional XP and gear each time you finish them. Also, you can complete all story missions again as well with a higher World Tier. For this, you’ll only need to go to the “Select story point” menu in the game lobby. But keep in mind your character can only reach level seven. If you are not into grinding for legendaries, it is better to switch characters when you reach that goal to try out other classes.

Dismantling Items Is Not Worth It — Better To Sell Them

You can always dismantle unnecessary items in your inventory to get some scrap, but it is not the best solution. It is far more profitable to sell items to merchants as they reward you with more scrap. Obviously, when your inventory is filled you can’t pick another item, dismantling is a good way to clear your backpack and get some compensation.

No Worries: Your Progress And Trophies Will Be Transferred To The Full Game

Finally, Outriders devs already announced all your progress from the demo would transfer to the full game, so you don’t need to worry about your resources and gear goes to waste. However, there are certain limits to what you can keep with you during the demo, and there is no need to go grinding just yet.

Outriders is coming April 1 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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