OTK Reinstates Streamer Mizkif Citing No "Direct Evidence" Of Involvement In Sexual Assault

The gaming organization known as One True King has reinstated the streamer Mizkif citing no “direct evidence” of his involvement in a recently alleged sexual assault. The accusations were made by streamer Trainwrecks in addition to the apparent victim, AdrianahLee. Mizkif will remain suspended from the board of directors, having been placed on probation. The streamer was previously accused of attempting to cover up a sexual assault against AdrianahLee by his friend and fellow streamer CrazySlick.

The news comes from an official statement by OTK. The group claims to have retained the services of a legal firm called Jackson Walker in order to carry out a thorough investigation of the matter, something which so far has provided no “direct evidence” that Mizkif was involved in the alleged sexual assault or subsequent cover up.

“On September 20, OTK began the process of contracting a third party law firm to investigate the conduct and allegations made against one of our founding members, Mizkif. We proceeded to retain Jackson Walker, one of the largest and most experienced neutral investigative firms in our state,” the official announcement by OTK explains. “The scope of the investigation was to determine whether or not Mizkif attempted to cover up or minimize a sexual assault allegedly committed by one of his former roommates. Jackson Walker was granted free reign to gather all relevant facts, interview witnesses, and advise OTK as to whether evidence supported the allegations. Mizkif was placed on unpaid leave for the duration of the investigation.”

“According to Jackson Walker’s investigation, investigations counsel did not find direct evidence that Mizkif attempted to minimize or cover up sexual assault as alleged. Nevertheless, OTK believes that Mizkif has shown a callous disregard towards the severity of sexual misconduct and racial prejudice in our space. His statements regarding these matters on his ‘comeback stream’ on October 11 demonstrated a lack of empathy and ignorance towards the seriousness of the situation and the impact that his conduct has on our community,” the official statement continues in reference to the recent remarks by Mizkif which made light of the allegations.

The content creator is apparently not going to be let completely off the hook. “Due to his actions, the OTK board of directors has suspended Mizkif from his board duties effective immediately and he will be placed on monitored probation until he demonstrates to the board that he is capable of upholding our organization’s values,” the official statement concludes. “His status as an OTK member has otherwise been reinstated.”

The reaction has been somewhat less than favorable on the part of both fans and followers, many people on social media having already accused OTK of conducting a merely superficial investigation, questioning the impartiality of Jackson Walker.

OTK is based in Austin, Texas. The group is described as an “influencer network and media company built by creators for creators. We partner with authentic, relatable influencers to develop the most exciting, innovative, and engaging content in digital media.” The organization comprises various popular content creators including Asmongold, Emiru, Esfand, SodaPoppin, and TipsOut.

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