One Pokemon Fan Is Drawing Dawn Every Single Day Until Nintendo Announces Diamond & Pearl Remakes

Rumors have circulated about a possible remake of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl coming to the Nintendo Switch for a while now and one fan is doing everything they can to make that dream become a reality.

A Reddit user by the name of Estdale recently posted a picture they drew of the female Diamond & Pearl protagonist, Dawn, on the Pokemon subreddit. And until the remake comes out, they’re pledging to draw a new picture of her every day.

This the most recent picture that Estdale has posted of Dawn in their quest to get these remakes made. Other pictures include this drawing of the Pokemon trainer in a snazzy formal suit. This is the 20th day of drawing Dawn and Estdale seems dead set on continuing until Diamond & Pearl – and Platinum as well – arrive on the Switch with shiny new graphics.

More concrete rumors for these remakes popped up last November when notable Nintendo leaker, Kelios, tweeted out that the games were in development and coming soon. While Kelios is a semi-credible source considering his prior predictions, nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo as of right now regarding the legitimacy of this rumor.

Nintendo has remade Pokemon games before, so it’s fairly possible that these Diamond & Pearl remakes are real. While the maker of Mario has been hesitant to remake or remaster most of the games from its back catalog, Pokemon is one of the most successful franchises of all time. Plus, a lot of its popularity comes from the nostalgia of its fans. So taking classic entries from the series and updating them for a new generation is a potentially lucrative business decision.

We hope that Estdale’s pledge to continue drawing Dawn every day until Nintendo finally announces these remakes is successful, although similar fan campaigns haven’t done much to sway them in the past. Fans have been begging for things like a North American release of Mother 3 or an HD remaster of Super Smash Bros. Melee for ages with little to no success. So it’s unlikely that this will do much to convince them if they aren’t already working on these remakes.

Hopefully, the leaks are true and we’ll be able to play Pokemon Diamond & Pearl on our Switches sooner rather than later. At least then poor Estdale can give their wrists a break from all that drawing.

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