Oculus’ Nate Mitchell new Venture is Mountaintop Studios

Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell was one of the last of the original group to leave the virtual reality (VR) headset maker, announcing his departure almost a year ago. Now he’s announced his latest venture, a new videogame studio called Mountaintop Studios.

Mitchell has founded the studio alongside former colleague Mark Terrano (previously creative director at Oculus), Naughty Dog artist Rich Lyons and Matt Hansen who was previously Executive Producer at Oculus and COO at Double Fine prior to that.

They’ve not revealed a project just yet but the mission statement notes the studio is about: “creating multiplayer games for players who crave a challenge. We’re creating the types of games that bring people together — and keep them together for “just one more round.” The types of games that inspired us as kids. The games that become our hobbies, and sometimes our obsessions.”

With a team having such a strong background in VR the hope would be that expertise will be used to create some exciting immersive content. Currently, there’s been no mention regarding VR but it’s still early days with the company in the process of recruiting across a range of job roles.

In a blog post, Mitchell does note the plan is to build a ‘different kind of studio’, saying: “We’re an independent, remote-first studio primarily located in the US. Since we love working in smaller teams where amazing ideas can come from anyone, we’re building toward a mid-sized studio.

“Games are a reflection of the teams that make them. So to make the best games, we’re building a studio that puts the team first — one that’s collaborative, anti-crunch, diverse, and inclusive.”

Details on Mountaintop Studios’ first title likely won’t be revealed until at least 2021. If VR is involved, VRFocus will let you know.

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