Oculus Cyber Monday Deals Include Big Quest 2 Game Discounts

Oculus Cyber Monday deals are now live for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 games, with both bundle and individual game sales including titles like Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted, Vader Immortal and In Death: Unchained.

There are 3 bundles and then a few individual sales, with savings ranging from around 15-40% off.

The “Essentials Pack” includes Job Simulator, Trover Saves the Universe, Waltz of the Wizard, Gun Club VR, Please, Don’t Touch Anything and Death Horizon: Reloaded for $79.99. That’s 26% off, down from a total of $109.94 when bought together at full price.

The “Epic Pack” is a bit smaller, including Eleven Table Tennis, Thrill of the Fight, Richie’s Plank Experience and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for $44.99. That’s a discount of 24%, down from what would normally be a combined price of $59.96.

There’s also the Vader Immortal pack, which includes all three episodes of Vader Immortal for $19.99, a discount of 33% down from $29.97.

In terms of individual apps, the following are on sale:

Angry Birds: 30% off, $10.49 (from $14.99)

– Arizona Sunshine: 20% off, $31.99 (from $39.99)

– Creed: Rise to Glory: 30% off, $20.99 (from $29.99)

– Espire 1: VR Operative: 15% off, $25.49 (from $29.99)

– FitXR: 25% off, $22.49 (from $29.99)

– Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted: 20% off, $23.99 (from $29.99)

– In Death: Unchained: 20% off, $23.99 (from $29.99)

– Mini Motor X Racing: 25% off, $18.47 (from $24.99)

OrbusVR: Reborn: 25% off, $14.99 (from $19.99)

– Sports Scramble: 25% off, $22.49 (from $29.99)

– The Room VR: 20% off, $23.99 (from $29.99)

– Tokyo Chronos: 40% off, $23.99 (from $39.99)

Trover Saves the Universe: 20% off , $23.99 (from $29.99)

– Wander: 20% off, $7.99 (from $9.99)

The sales started yesterday, right when many of the Black Friday sales ended. These Cyber Monday sales will run for just over 24 hours, until 11:59pm PST tomorrow, November 30.

If you want to check out other Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, be sure to check out our post detailing all of the major VR deals this year, some of which are still running.

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