NYC Gets Closer To Having A Real Life Green Goblin

Another day, another step closer to living in the Spider-Verse. A recent video has been making its way around the Internet that shows off a person riding a drone through New York City. While most would just be awed at the physics of it all, many took one look at the video and instantly made parallels to a certain masked villain that rides a drone-board through New York City and terrorizes Spider-Man. Yes, we are one step closer to the Green Goblin stepping out of comic books and into the real world.

The video, which has been shared repeatedly over on Twitter, shows off an individual clad in all black and wearing a sleek helmet as they hover over a New York street on a floating drone. The drone device closely resembles the Green Goblin’s hoverboard as seen in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. It is easy to see the resemblance to the Green Goblin, from the person’s demanding stance on the board to the lights that glow beneath the board, they may as well be on their way to destroy Spider-Man. Of course, the similarity to the Green Goblin caused the Marvel villain to become a trending topic on Twitter after the video surged in popularity.

The Green Goblin is an iconic nemesis to Spider-Man within both the comics and the movie version of the web-slinging hero. Most notably, Willem Defoe played the iconic villain in Sam Raimi’s trilogy with much acclaim. Following Sam Raimi’s films, Marc Webb’s take on the wall-crawling superhero saw Chris Cooper and Dane Dehaan take up the mantle of the Green Goblin. Beyond the films, the Green Goblin is widely hinted at within Insomniac’s Spider-Man game with Norman Osborne playing a small role, but his nefarious alter-ego heavily hinted at in a post-credit scene.

Now, it seems the Green Goblin is ready to make his real-world debut. Of course, this drone video is likely part of a demonstration or a stunt of some kind, though it wouldn’t be too surprising to find this is all part of marketing for some Marvel-related event or film. Though, if the popularity of the video is anything to go by, people are clearly eager to accept the existence of villains and heroes.

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