Nintendo Direct February 2022: Hopes raised next Direct WILL happen this month

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Leaker Samus Hunter has raised hopes that a Nintendo Direct for February 2022 could be on the way. Towards the start of this year the insider claimed that a February 2022 Nintendo Direct could take place before February 17 (which was the date of the last February Direct). And the leaker has once again hinted at a new Nintendo Direct in the next few weeks, and revealed details on some of the things that could be announced.

As January came to a close @SamusHunter2 took to Twitter to reveal what Switch fans can expect in terms of upcoming streams from the House of Mario.

The leaker wrote: “Presentation to look forward in the coming months.

“FEBRUARY – FEH Channel Anniversary Feb. 1st (2nd for Europe) – Nintendo Direct.

“SPRING – Monster Hunter Presentation (Sunbreak, Stories 2) – Indie World – Second FEH Channel – Pokèmon Present – Splatoon 3 Direct”.

Samus Hunter also discussed whether the biggest Switch game of the year – The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 – will feature during a possible February 2022 Direct.

Nintendo Switch OLED model announcement trailer

However, according to the leaker, it seems more likely the highly anticipated new Zelda game will next surface further down the line in springtime.

Samus Hunter tweeted: “Many asked about Zelda. Right now I don’t have something concrete. BotW recived a full marketing campaign of roughly 9 months, so if the Sequel will follow the same pattern it’s possibile we might see it soon, but this is just a speculation. But I expect something before June.”

Elsewhere, Samus Hunter discussed one game that could possibly appear during the next Direct.

And that is the new Xenoblade game that Monolith Soft are heavily rumoured to be working on.

The leaker wrote: “You know that I’m following the updates on #MonolithSoft developed games, even before all the other. I want to update on something that you can find publicly. Monolith Soft site has updated this morning with new graphics and icon, but the more interesting thing is that they now removed the page dedicated to the recruitment of the Xenoblade team (Production01). What does that mean?

“In late 2020 I reported that their next game was in a good state with the main cutscene finalised.

“In mid 2021 they started the soundtrack recording then followed by the confirmation of Mitsuda and ACE composers. Mitsuda also teased that one of the project that he worked, might get announced this month. Given that one of their game is planned for this year, there are lots of things that lines up for an announcement in the coming weeks.”

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