Nintendo Brings Pokemon Go To Life With 3D Billboards In Japan

In celebration of World Cat Day, Nintendo has put up a 3D Pokemon Go billboard around the area outside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. "What does Pokemon Go have to do with cats?" I hear you ask. Well, the 'mons adorning the billboards are all feline-inspired.

As reported by Nintendo Life, the billboard will be up from today until September 5, meaning if you live nearby or what to travel to see it, you've got a few weeks.

The main four kitty cat 'mons adorning the billboard are Litten, the Gen 7 Fire-type starter, and three different versions of Meowth – maybe we have too many Meowth… There's the standard Gen 1 Meowth we all know and love, Gen 7's sassy Alolan Meowth, and Gen 8's W I D E Galarian Meowth.

Also making an appearance on the billboard are Espurr, Skitty, and Glameow. The billboard shows all the cats playing with each other gleefully, each vying for a chance to peer down at the crowds below.

The 3D billboard trend is one I do not understand, and even fear slightly, but it's hard to deny how cool it is. Resident Evil recently made use of the technology in New York's Times Square to advertise the Netflix show, which has one of the lowest audience ratings on the platform of all time.

In other Pokemon Go news. it was recently added to the Pokemon World Championships, along with Unite. A tournament featuring nearly 100 of the world's best players across two age divisions will compete to be named the world's best Pokemon Go player.

Pokemon Go also now has a new Daily Adventure Incense, an item that refreshes daily and encourages you to explore your local area for 15 minutes. Using it and wandering about will let you encounter Pokemon "not frequently seen in the wild."

This new feature seems like a great help for the game's more rural players who don't get all the Pokestops and gyms that city folk get to enjoy.

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