Ninja is back streaming on Twitch, as he hits 100K viewers with Fortnite

For the first time since he moved to Mixer, Ninja is back playing Fortnite on Twitch, even as he contemplates a career in Hollywood.

The collapse of Mixer may have been a disaster for Microsoft, as they gave up any hope of creating a rival to Twitch, back it worked out pretty well for streamers like Ninja and Shroud, who had their contracts bought out and made millions for doing absolutely nothing.

As a result, neither has been in any rush to sign up with anyone else and Shroud has only given vague hints as to what he’s going to do next.

There had been speculation that Ninja would concentrate on YouTube but out of the blue he’s turned up back on Twitch and has already been clocking over 100,000 viewers, even though he started very early in the morning for the US.

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