New World Reveals What Worlds Will Merge In An Update

More server mergers are coming to New World, following a recent wave for European players earlier this month. This update will see worlds in US East, US West, Australia, and Central Europe worlds merge together, boosting the population and, hopefully, the engagement.

The list of worlds that are being eyed up for the merge is a long one, as it seems many fans have complained of a dwindling playerbase. Central Europe and US East have the most planned mergers by far, meaning a significant amount of players will be unable to log in while the maintenance is underway.

The list of affected worlds is far too long to name here – it's actually so many that I can't include them all in a single screenshot. It appears Amazon is taking player complaints of not having a whole lot to do very seriously, as it plans to shake up the experience for thousands of fans.

Downtime is scheduled for midnight in the UK and Ireland, and 1 AM for the rest of Central Europe. Other regions can expect it to take place around 9 PM GMT. When you next log back in, the world will likely look very different, as territory may be redistributed to accommodate for the differences between the worlds.

As explained on the FAQ page, the devs are trying to merge the most compatible worlds, so therefore the ones that have a pretty similar layout in terms of territory. However, they concede that this will not always be possible, so one side will see that their turf has shifted a bit. As the blog explains: "Their characters, companies, housing, gold, and owned items should remain intact, but territory ownership and contracts will not persist on the new world".

Luckily for players, they'll also log back into the holiday event. The Winter Convergence Festival brought new items, cosmetics, areas to explore, and of course, a holiday-themed quest. It kicked off yesterday, and is set to run until January 11, 2022.

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