New Sony Worldwide Studios Website Implies That Killzone Is Gone For Good

Sony’s new Worldwide Studios website is a grim read for Killzone fans as the game is strangely absent.

Killzone is one of PlayStation’s most established series, with six titles spanning across three generations of consoles. However, since Killzone: Shadow Fall’s launch alongside the PS4 in 2013, there has been barely any news of a potential sequel on the PS5. In fact, Sony seems to be actively distancing itself from the franchise altogether.

In a recent Resetera thread, users have been discussing Sony’s new Worldwide Studios page on their website. This page lists all the studios that Sony owns as well as the games that they’ve worked on in the past. For example, Insomniac Games is listed as the developers of Spider-Man and Ratchet and Clank, and Sucker Punch is listed as the creators of Ghost of Tsushima, inFamous, and the Sly Cooper series.

Killzone developer Guerrilla Games is also listed on the website but is not credited for the creation of the Killzone series. Instead, they’re only credited for the creation of Horizon Zero Dawn. It seems a little strange for the Killzone name to be missing, yet Sly Cooper and Tearaway are mentioned despite being more niche.

It’s looking bleak for Killzone fans. With absolutely no word of a new game in seven years, and the incredible success of Horizon Zero Dawn, perhaps Sony thinks that Guerrilla’s talents are best suited elsewhere. The team is clearly busy working on the upcoming Horizon: Forbidden West and it’s looking more and more likely that Sony would rather you forget Killzone ever happened.

Hopefully, it’s just an oversight, as the world of Killzone is very unique as far as first-person shooters go. The ending of Killzone: Shadow Fall also left Guerrilla a lot of room to work with when looking at potential sequels. Fingers crossed Sony hasn’t left the IP to gather dust, but this definitely looks like another nail in Killzone’s coffin.

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Source: Resetera, Sony

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