New Pokemon Snap: Why So Still Request Guide

If you’re spotted Swampert’s head hiding in New Pokemon Snap, you’re probably wondering how to get a better picture of the creature. Well, it’s actually pretty tricky, and you’ll probably need a few tries to get the perfect run, and the perfect shot.

Luckily, we know exactly how to get the best shot, and complete the Why So Still Request in the process. This Request wants a great picture of a Swampert, and it’ll actually involve several other Pokemon in the process.

This guide is going to walk you through getting this picture step by step, though it’s going to be tougher than you might think. Swampert is very secretive, and it doesn’t like pictures taken very often. You won’t get many chances at this photo, so follow the instructions in this guide carefully.

How To Complete The Why So Still Request In New Pokemon Snap

This Request needs to take place in Founja Jungle during Jungle (Night). This requires a high Research Level, one that has Leafeon appear at the start of the stage. Despite this being a picture of Swampert, Leafeon is essential to completing this Request.

First you’ll need to follow Leafeon until you reach the split in the path, near the first Crystalbloom. Leafeon will stop near the tall grass. You need to throw a Fluffruit at Leafeon to make it go through the tall grass, if it goes the other way then you will not be able to complete this Request.

Fun fact: if Leafeon runs to the right, then a Slaking will appear behind the tall grass. If Leafeon goes through the grass, Slaking does not appear.

Once through the tall grass with Leafeon, quickly use the music to make Ariados descend from the bushes above. This will spook Leafeon, which will run into the small swamp next to Swampert’s head, this will summon Swampert, giving you a good opportunity for different pictures.

But before Swampert goes away, use an Illumina Orb on it, and it will become excited, splashing Leafeon wish swamp water playfully, and Leafeon will jump for joy, giving you the opportunity for excellent pictures. Photos or Swampert as it is splashing water will be worth four-stars, and will complete the Why So Still Request once handed into Professor Mirror.

Rewards For Completing Why So Still Request In New Pokemon Snap

Once you get back to the main menu you can check your main Request menu and complete the Why So Still Request by finding it, earning you some fresh rewards.

For completing this request you will earn the sticker called “Crown 2” which resembles a tiara, allowing you to decorate pictures of your favourite Pokemon even more than before. A nice bonus.

Make sure to check our complete guide to Requests in New Pokemon Snap for more tricky photo and challenge solutions.

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